Screen shown are covered in Mimosa 02 fabric with the edges finished with brass studs.

  • From top:  rectangular, serpentine, curved, gothic
  • all four heights 183cm, 150cm, 120cm, 91cm

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Our panelled screens are the perfect solution for concealing a cluttered corner; dividing a room or simply filtering the light.

  • Each panel 44cm wide
  • Choice of four heights 91cm, 120cm, 150cm , 183cm
  • Supplied either uncovered or upholstered in your choice of fabric
  • uncovered screen panels are supplied plain MDF without any covering.
  • covered screen panels are padded on 1 side
  • The edges of each panel must be finished with either studs or trim, you can either supply this or we can match this for you
  • choice of four different shapes: serpentine, rectangular, curved or gothic.

Fabric and trim quantities for 3 panel screens:

  • 91cm high 2 metres plus 8.5m of trim 
  • 120cm high 3 metres plus 10m of trim 
  • 150cm high 3.5 meters plus 12m of trim 
  • 183cm high 4 metres plus 14m of trim 


Fabric and trim quantities for 4 panel screens:

  • 91cm high 3 metres plus 11m of trim 
  • 120cm high 4 metres plus 13.5m of trim
  • 150cm high 5 metres plus 16m of trim 
  • 183cm high 6 metres plus 18.5m of trim


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