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10 ways to design a stylish hallway

Posted: 07/02/14 10 ways to design a stylish hallway

Is your hallway packed with clutter? Is it neglected and dark? There are lots of tricks you can use to make yours a smart, practical space. Here are our top 10

1. Get the right colour scheme

Chances are your hallway is smaller and darker than you’d like it to be. So, ditch dingy finishes for light, warm colours to make it feel bigger and brighter. Want to add interest? Use patterned wallpaper with a pale background on one wall or hang a pretty fabric like a curtain at the front door. Choose your accent colour according to your hallway’s orientation – sunny south-facing spaces will cope with any colour, but cooler, north- or east-facing halls need warm shades, such as yellow or terracotta.

2. Exaggerate space

Use clever tricks to make it feel wider or longer. One way to do so is to pick striped wallpaper. Hung vertically, it will make ceilings seem higher; horizontally, it will make the hall seem longer or wider. Hanging a large mirror – or group of smaller mirrors – on the wall adjacent to a glazed front  door or window will also reflect light back into the hallway and make it seem wider and brighter.

3. Sort shoe storage

There’s nothing worse than being greeted by a jumble of discarded shoes, so get yourself a piece of storage that can hide your family’s footwear away. A dual-purpose piece is the most practical buy – our storage bench has doors to hide away shoes, while our bench seat has a seat on top to make putting shoes on comfy.

4. Hang up bags

Are there any storage opportunities you’ve missed? If you can find a space within a cupboard or tucked away on a wall, you can tidy away everyone’s bags. Our range of hooks is a quick and inexpensive solution – and will cope with coats, too.


5. Keep coats neat

Need somewhere to stash everyone’s coats? Our peg shelf has compartments for hats, letters and even homework, and is ideal for small spaces. For larger hallways, consider an elegant wardrobe, which will hide tons of clutter.

6. Can’t find your keys?

Forever casting about for your keys? Always losing the letters you meant to post?  Key holders or key and letter holders will keep the hallway neat – and you organised.


7. Make space to display

console table is always handy in a hallway, but if you want our advice, choose one with storage drawers or shelves – that way they’ll be more practical and give you somewhere to hide the inevitable clutter that will build up on top.

8. Add lighting for atmosphere

If your hallway needs a little help in the mood-stakes, why not give it a lift with lighting? Whether you pick an attractive pendant shade or add personality to a hall table with table lamps, your choice will add colour and character, whether switched on or off.

9. Hang mirrors 

Hallway walls are often the best places to make a big impression with mirrors.  Hang some of your favourite paintings, mirrors, sketches or photos. Group a range of sizes and shapes for impact and choose matching frames for a smart, co-ordinated look.

10. Lay a rug

Finish off your hallway makeover with a rug or runner that picks up the colours in your new wallpaper, paint or fabrics. Choose one that’s dark enough to hide dirt – as with any in a hallway, buys should ideally be beautiful but always practical.

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