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10 living room design solutions

Posted: 17/03/14 10 living room design solutions

Living room looking cluttered? Decor a bit dull? Discover how to sort out these and many more of your living room design dilemmas with our expert advice.

1. Create Contrast

Decorating scheme feeling a bit flat and not quite sure why? A scheme that’s all about plains can feel a little dull, so try an injection of pattern, there are plenty of ways to add it. Think sofas or chairs; new curtains; or options such as a lampshade or the ceramics you put on display.

2. Smarten up

Want to make your living room look more elegant? Bring in smart details – while understated, they’ll make a huge difference to the ambience of your space. A sofa – or a footstool with deep buttoned upholstery are great choices. Alternatively, add in a classic Henley armchair. Prefer more contemporary shapes? Go for designs finished in pinstripes or windowpane check fabrics.

3. Make storage subtle

Are your shelves overflowing? However ruthless you are about not accumulating too much, it’s inevitable that your collections will grow, or you’ll want to rotate what you have on display with the seasons.To keep your room feeling airy and spacious, add in some subtle storage – we’re talking inside footstools and coffee tables – to stop life’s stuff distracting from your fabulous decor.

4. Transform a wall

Not sure what to hang on a large wall? A couple of pictures can look lost in an area with generous dimensions. The answer’s either to pick artwork that has a scale to match, or create a group of pictures that’ll feel like one display as part of your room scheme. As an alternative, try a selection of vintage-style mirrors that’ll take all the effort out of mixing and matching.

5. Allow room to relax

Want a living room that says it’s time to unwind? If your room’s too busy to strike the note of relaxation you want and need, go for a Gabriella armchair with a cushioned seat

Super comfortable for a moment with a book or a magazine, a chaise can fit in a bay window, or alongside shelving. Dedicate it to a quiet pause away from the TV and the competition for the family sofa.

6. See beyond the boundaries 

Living space not as big as you’d like? If you go for a floor length mirror as well as boosting the light levels (a bonus in any size of room), it can create the sense of another room beyond the one you’re in. It’s an easy way to visually expand your space.

Side table in living room

7. Show off accessories

Short on display space? Even small rooms often have an unused area alongside the sofa where you can fit a side table. Be strict, though. Keep it for your loveliest pieces, not the TV listings.

8. Try luxury for less

Hankering after some luxurious touches in your living space without splashing out? Why not get cushions made up in the fabrics you’ve fallen for?

You won’t need a vast metrage, so it’s a far more affordable way to introduce your favourites. We can make up cushions in your own fabrics, or those from our collection.


9. Share the space

Need a home office without the spare room for it? When your living room is the only place you can use, choose a clever cupboard that won’t compromise your interior.

Look for a slim design – such as our New Hampshire bureau – that’ll make use of dead wall space rather than taking over the room; choose a painted exterior to co-ordinate with the rest of the scheme; and opt for doors that hide your paperwork.

10. Go for lasting style

Fallen for a statement wallpaper but worried it’s a temporary infatuation? If you think you’ve had your head turned by a design you may not feel the same way about a little while down the line, focus on wallpapers with enduringly beautiful motifs in a natural palette and enjoy love that lasts.

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