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How to make rooms feel bigger and tidier

Posted: 30/06/14 How to make rooms feel bigger and tidier

We all have clutter we need to keep to hand – whether household paperwork, the kids’ homework, cookware, toys, craft kits – but how to keep it both neat and organised? Versatile furniture that will suit every room is the key. Here are our favourite finds – and where to use them.

Window benches

Space beneath a window is often wasted, so why not fill it with a bench seat (right) that has hidden storage inside? Ideal as a toy box in a living room, for stashing away extra bed linen in a bedroom, for hiding dvds and computer games in any room – or even for storing away shoes in a hallway – ours come in a range of finishes and the seat cushions can be upholstered in our fabric or your own.

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Pigeon shelves

Perfect for a hallway, useful in a bathroom and handy in a kitchen, Pigeon shelves (left) have a cool, vintage look that will suit both modern and traditional style homes. Ideal for displaying your best pieces, they’re useful too for storing little bits and pieces (we love them for both in kids’ rooms). The shelves are adjustable and they can be painted in any of our standard colours.

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Hideaway home office

Whether you need somewhere to deal with the household bills or a place for the kids to do homework downstairs, the New Hampshire Bureau (right) is a must-have. Its tall, narrow proportions means it takes up very little floor space, but it packs in plenty of storage for keeping clutter hidden away. It comes in a range of finishes with a choice of knobs or handles.

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laundry cupboard

Laundry cupboard

Looking for a piece of furniture for a bedroom or bathroom that could hold towels and linen? Or perhaps a mini wardrobe for a child’s room? Or extra storage for your kitchen crockery or cookware? Our laundry cupboard (left) is one of our most versatile pieces and, however many times you move house in the future, it will always be useful in one of your rooms. It comes unfinished, in a range of colours and finishes with a choice of knobs and handles.

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Filing ottoman
filing ottoman

Have no room left for a home office, you might find your household paperwork is difficult to organise or hide away? So, why not invest in an ingenious filing ottoman? Ours come in different sizes and can be upholstered in either our fabric or your own. An optional noticeboard can be integrated into the underside of the lid too.

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