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Solve your storage problems

Posted: 21/07/14 Solve your storage problems

Here at The Dormy House, we’re huge fans of modular storage. Opting for modular units means you can create an individual storage configuration for each room without the expense of bespoke designs. To show you why modular could be the way to sort out your storage issues, take a look at some of the questions we’re often asked about storage, and find out how our designs can help.


Q – Our new extension means our kitchen, dining and living area is open plan. It looks great, but the downside is that I have less space for storage. Any ideas?

A – Open-plan rooms are well suited to the way we like to use our homes these days, but they do have some disadvantages, as you’ve found. Where you might use separate pieces of storage furniture against different walls within individual living and dining spaces, in an open-plan scheme you generally only have the outside walls available, and a series of storage pieces along them can look too small for the room and scattered.

Our advice is to try a design such as our New Hampshire Modular Unit (left). The individual elements together create a piece of furniture that packs in loads of storage capacity, it has a scale to suit your new room, and it will sit neatly against one wall. The combination shown is available online, but other custom custom combinations can be ordered through our brochure or by telephoning our customer service team for more information.

Q – My daughter’s bedroom is becoming really cluttered, but I don’t want to buy furniture she’s going to reject as childish as she gets older. Can you help?

A – We’re with you on choosing designs that last for children’s rooms. We’d recommend opting for storage with classic good looks that’s finished in a neutral paint colour so it doesn’t go out of favour as time passes. Including space for display is important, though, so your kids can have the things they (currently) love on show.

Our Wall Storage System is a modular design that can be used in a range of combinations made from the base, single top, double shelf top and double cupboard top units available. You can choose from our paint colours, or paint it yourself, and there’s a choice of handles and knobs. You can even have the backs of the units painted in a different colour to create an individual look.

Modular desk and office storageQ – I’m working from home but I’m adamant I don’t want an ugly flat pack desk in my guest bedroom – or a corporate feel. What’s your advice?

A – Home office furniture often has the emphasis on office and neglects the home aspect entirely – but there’s no reason why it has to be this way. Select designs with the detail that you look for in your furniture: framed cupboard fronts, elegant plinths and cornices, and pretty handles and knobs will all help make your new pieces work in a home.

When it comes to fitting a home office into a bedroom (or dining, living or even kitchen space) modular pieces are the ideal option. This New Hampshire Modular Desk is a clever design with five sizes of desk top on offer and four pedestal choices so you can select drawers, a cupboard, shelves or a filing unit. We have desk galleries and walls shelves plus filing units available as well so you can put together just what you need.

Q – I can see the advantages of downloading books rather than buying the real thing, but I prefer the latter. Does The Dormy House have bookcases big enough for an unrepentant bookworm?

A – Yes, we’re happy to help if you own more books than the local library. Our New Hampshire Modular Bookcase has been created as a single or double unit (as seen here), and of course you can order enough to fill the walls of your room so you don’t end up with an unmatched collection of shelving.

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