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7 fabulous ideas for home offices and work spaces

Posted: 08/07/15 7 fabulous ideas for home offices and work spaces

Work at home? Need a place to research, shop and sort? After a dedicated hobby area? Want to make sure your kids have homework space of their own? Check out these great ways to create the perfect home office or work space.

Get bespoke style without the price tag

Modular home office desk

We’re huge, huge fans of modular designs, including for home offices and children’s bedrooms. Modular can equal tailor made without the cost of bespoke designs. Our New Hampshire Modular Desks can be sized to fit, goes round a corner if you like, and has a choice of pedestals with filing, shelving and cupboards all on offer so you can put away all your paperwork.

painted furniture

Opt for painted furniture for all-round style

Whether it’s for a girl’s or boy’s bedroom, or in your own bedroom or living space, make sure you go for a desk that works with the rest of the furniture to keep the scheme pulled together and elegant. A desk in a painted finish is simple to match in with other pieces, so everyone can have a room they love the look of to work in.

Image: housetohome

Ensure work doesn’t encroach on your life

When your home office is part of a room you regularly use, you can still get separation with a screen to demarcate the work area. Unseen, your desk need no longer attract your gaze.

With less space on offer at home, consider a desk you can close the doors on once you’ve finished a day’s work.

Fortunately, our New England Home Office Armoire (above) allows you to shut work away at the end of the day – when you’d never know this classic design contains an office.

Scale home office pieces to the task

A sizeable desk isn’t necessary if you’re just going to be using a laptop or tablet – and it’s going to eat up valuable floor space if your work area is part of another room, so think about what you’ll be doing at the desk as well as its appearance when you’re selecting. Look at consoles and occasional tables – such as our Tuvan 2 Drawer Desk  – as well as dedicated desks to find the perfect option.


Image: housetohome

Create the right mood with your colour scheme

The colours you choose to decorate each room influence its atmosphere, so picking appropriately is just as important for a home office or homework space as in the rest of your home. If you’re after an energetic mood, hot hues such as oranges and pinks will prove stimulating. Don’t panic if they’re not shades you would use on the walls – opt for them as part of fabric patterns or office accessories.

Prefer a space to promote quiet concentration? Decorating in neutrals (above) will help create the mood you’re after, or try shades of green straight from nature.

And if your work space is part of another room? Use one or two of the same colours in both areas so they feel like part of one scheme.

Wallpaper covered box and lever arch files

Paperwork: keep it under control

When everyone in the family is generating paperwork it’s far too easy for it to clutter up a bedroom or living space, so the key is to select the storage you need to conceal it in style. If filing cabinets are what you’re after, opt for handsome versions, such as our New Hampshire Modular Filing Units, or make a virtue of documents by putting them into open shelving within covered Box Files.

Girl's bedroom desk area

Image: housetohome

Make displays that inspire

Whether in your hobby space or a homework area for one of your children, the ability to display the items that inspire, personalise or organise is an essential. A peg shelf makes changing what’s on show easy and try a pretty fabric noticeboard or framed noticeboard that looks just as good adorned with timetables as it might with swatches for your latest decorating project.

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