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Sort out your living room storage

Posted: 04/09/15 Sort out your living room storage

We ask a lot of our living rooms. They need to look elegant, be welcoming spaces when we’re entertaining, and comfortable for family life, too. All the things that have to be kept in the room can compromise these aims, though, so great storage is vital. Take a look at the questions and dilemmas you’ve posed to us, and our solutions.

You said I don’t want all the things I need in the living room on show

The answer Maximising cupboards and drawers in the room

Lots of closed storage can eat up floor space, though, so when you don’t want to clutter up your room with too much furniture, opt to go upwards. Our New Hampshire six way modular wardrobe (above) will swallow up plenty but won’t dominate your room finished in one of our sophisticated pale paint shades.

You said There are so many boxes that go with the TV. Help!

The answer A beautiful TV cabinet that tides up any room.

Most of us don’t want a high-tech look in the living room, but digital boxes are a fact of modern life. Look for furniture that keeps wires hidden to avoid an ugly tangle. Our New Hampshire television cupboard (above) means you can shut the door and hide the boxes and the goggle box, but we offer open TV storage, too, which has shelves sized for what you need without making any of it the focal point of the room.

You said I like footstools, but wouldn’t a coffee table offer more storage?

The answer Footstools can hide a multitude of things, too

Storage footstool

A coffee table can give you a place to put magazines, remote controls and more, but going for a footstool instead doesn’t mean doing away with places to put all you need. Our Storage footstool with small retro legs (above) swallows up a whole lot of your essentials, and you can go for a plain or deep buttoned lid – the latter will give your selection a traditional twist.

You said My living room needs to be an office as well

The answer A desk can be a handsome piece of furniture

There’s no reason to put a downer on your living room decor with a desk that’s as plain as a pikestaff. Our Tuvan single drawer desk teamed with curvaceous gallery shelves (above) is a beauty with neat proportions that mean even a compact living room can accommodate it. Console-style desks can also provide a smart-looking solution in living rooms that double as work spaces, fitting neatly against the wall without projecting too far into the room.

You said Love the idea of a storage wall, but super modern furniture’s not for me

The answer Painted modular designs have the style you’re after

Living room storage bookcase

We know the problem. Storage walls are space-efficient but there are plenty out there that wouldn’t sit happily with the rest of your furniture. Our New Hampshire modular bookcase (above) is a rather lovely alternative, if we do say so ourselves. You can combine the elements you need; choose one of our exquisite paint colours and opt for a clean, crisp finish or the textured look of our antique option; paint it yourself if you prefer; and choose the handles or knobs that work in your room for the perfect piece. It’ll fit a whole wall if you want, or transform an alcove.

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