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Clutter-clearing strategies for every room

Posted: 19/01/16 Clutter-clearing strategies for every room

If your interiors are feeling full to bursting, what you need isn’t at hand when you want it, or the everyday stuff of family life is compromising the elegant look you’re after, discover our solutions for restoring order to every room.

Storage hall or utility room

Sort out the hallway

Often just narrow corridors, halls are easily blocked by shoes and clothes discarded on the way in. Assess what you need to stash to keep them all in order: a storage bench (shown above) will keep shoes corralled and you can add a seat cushion so taking footwear on and off isn’t a challenge to balance.

Think about whether you need a design with doors: shoes can look smart on show, but a closed design might be more up your decorating street.

Wall-hung shelving (shown above) can look pretty as well as maximising storage:

Top tip Hanging keys and bags on peg shelves or rails is a great tidying solution, but make sure these aren’t positioned too near a letterbox for security.


Make your living room lovelier

Furniture for the television (shown above) is a good starting point in a living space because a sizeable proportion of what’s stashed there centres on the screen – we’re talking films, games, controllers and so on. If your collections are on the restrained side, a low unit will do the job.

Need more room, plus space for books, magazines, paperwork and so on? Tall units make the most of wall space without much intrusion into the floor area of the room, and modular designs mean you can pick a tailored-to-suit combination.

Top tip Don’t forget to sort out doubles when it comes to formats. You may want to keep DVDs elsewhere, for example, if you now stream films.


Larder cupboard in kitchen

Organise the kitchen

If you haven’t taken a fresh look at the contents of your cupboards for a while, now’s the time to do it. Are the items you use rarely the ones placed highest in wall units? Do you store the things you need to use the most within easy reach and with least bending involved? Where are the heaviest pots, pans and dishes and do they oblige you to lift them a long way?

Even if your kitchen’s fitted, when your units are packed full, a freestanding larder (shown above) could come to your aid. A painted design can complement the existing cabinetry or create a modern look in a different but co-ordinating paint shade and it’ll add a brand-new home for dry ingredients.

Top tip Opt for a super slim larder – above is our Single New Hampshire design with base drawers – for small but mighty storage.


Home office storage

Tidy up a home office

The key to a great home office or hobby space is easy access to the documents and materials you need without surrendering the style of your room. To choose the right cupboards and shelving (shown above), divide essentials into those that can add to the look of the space if they’re kept on show and those that definitely need to be concealed. Unless you love a spare effect, the items you keep on open shelving combined with pretty accessories will help make a work area a pleasure to spend time in.

Top tip Don’t forget that even paperwork can look good – once it’s inside a pretty Box File.


Beautify the bedroom

Striking the balance between sufficient storage and an over-crowded room is at its most challenging for many of us when it comes to the bedroom. Our advice? Don’t hang on to clothing that’s done its days with you as a stuffed wardrobe does no favours to anything that’s hanging inside.

When the room’s small, wardrobes such as this French Wardrobe (shown above) are a two-in-one space saver.

Top tip Free up drawer and wardrobe space with a Storage Ottoman at the foot of the bed for linens and blankets.


Kids' bedroom underbed storage

Improve kids’ rooms

Changing needs throughout childhood and (possibly!) a propensity not to tidy up mean children’s rooms need regular review of what’s been accumulated. For the remainder, easily accessible storage and plenty of it is the best strategy.

Rather than opting for mini-furniture, which provides limited room, go for space-saving solutions such as Under Bed Storage Crates (shown above), and modular designs you can add to as their needs change. Just as in the hall, Peg Rails can be a boon in children’s rooms and will adapt to what they need to put away throughout all the childhood stages.

Top tip Open shelving creating display space for toys, books, photos, artwork and so on is a must-have for children’s rooms.


Freestanding bathroom storage

Transform the bathroom

Take a look at what you’re keeping in the bathroom to avoid a room that’s more crowded flea market than peaceful haven. Go through both cosmetics and medicines regularly to ensure you’re not keeping items that are out of date; if you bulk buy, consider not putting many multiples of essentials in the room; and think about whether cleaning products could be kept in a carrier elsewhere so they’re easy to grab when you need them.

A freestanding design, such as this French Cupboard (shown above) can be a useful addition that’ll provide you with a ready supply of small linens and replacement products. Baskets on the shelves make good containers to keep the interior neat.

Top tip When floor space is in short supply, add in wall shelving but move cotton wool or toiletries into attractive containers to keep the room looking its best.