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High style for less

Posted: 12/05/17 High style for less

Love the idea of getting bespoke furniture made, or calling in an interior designer, but don’t have the budget? There are alternatives! Check out these ideas for creating an elegant, individual look without the top-end cost

Personalise furniture with paint

Henley desk

Go for painted furniture and you can give it a finish that’s perfect for the room it’s going to be used in. Pale colours will help any room look bigger because they’ll reflect the light, brightening up the space. You can give the finish a subtly aged appearance, if you prefer, so that your new furniture looks as if it’s been part of your home for a while.

Pure white can look clean and modern, or could give a room a Scandinavian twist. Off-whites from ivory to pale greys, meanwhile, can look traditional or contemporary to complement your furniture choice. Like the idea of putting the focus on cabinet furniture? Pick a shade of blue, whether that’s a timeless mid tone or a dark and handsome inky finish.

Our painted furniture comes in a choice of 12 paint finishes, or order it unpainted and finish it yourself in a colour you adore. Shown above is our Nordic desk in white

Tailor upholstery and soft furnishings

Chester snuggler sofa

Interior designers create variety and interest with upholstery and soft furnishings. Curtains and blinds, sofas, armchairs, footstools, dining chairs, headboards, divans and cushions won’t all be matched, but they will complement each other and the rest of the room.

There’s no reason not to follow their lead, choosing the fabrics you love and that will make your rooms look rich in detail and beautifully pulled together – but how do you get it right? The simplest way is to look to families of fabrics, where colours that complement are shown together and both plains and patterns are on offer. That way, you can be confident in your choices for both furniture upholstery and soft furnishings.

Our fabrics are shown off in selections that look great together, and you can choose your favourite for all our upholstered pieces and soft furnishings. Alternatively, look to the fabric houses’ collections: they’re designed to be used across a scheme, and you can send in fabric for us to use on all our designs.

Shown above is our Chester snuggler upholstered in Stonewash 01 and scatter cushions

Decide on handles and legs for furniture

Barcelona sofa

If you’re buying bespoke or calling in a designer they’ll focus on the small details as well as the overall picture – but you can do it, too, with the same great results. When it comes to cabinet furniture, the handles and knobs can look classic or modern, understated or attention-grabbing, so it pays to think about what you want their effect to be.

Furniture finishing touches are equally important. Do you want the legs of sofas and footstools to be shapely in turned wood, or cleaner in appearance? Should they be dark stained or pale? Are castors a must-have?

We offer the finishing details that’ll make your furniture just right whether you’re shopping for the living room or bedroom

Shown above is our deep buttoned Barcelona sofa with dark mahogany legs and chrome castors

Get the perfect fit with modular furniture

Modular wall storage

The way to get bookcases that fit an alcove to a tee, a wardrobe that’s a hanging and drawer combination for all your clothes, shelving and cupboards to fit a corner or a whole wall, desk space that’s exactly how you like it, or TV storage that stashes all the stuff that goes with the telly? It doesn’t have to be bespoke. Pick modular pieces and you can put together the design that suits your room and your life.

Modular furniture is a really clever solution for every room from utility spaces to living spaces, home offices and bedrooms and kids’ rooms. Shown above is our modular wall storage in a boot room, and we have modular designs for all round your home. Of course, you can also pick paint colours, handles and knobs to suit, too.

Take a look at all of our elegant furniture, brilliant storage solutions, soft furnishings and decorative accessories

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