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8 brilliant style and organisation ideas from our customers

Posted: 17/01/18 8 brilliant style and organisation ideas from our customers

It’s easy to create furniture and soft furnishings with individual style at The Dormy House by selecting the paint colours, upholstery fabrics, and handles or knobs that make your buy individual, as well as putting together the perfect combination of modular units, or asking us to adjust sizes.  Take a look at some of the elegant and stylish designs our customers have asked us to make for them, and be inspired to create a personalised piece for your own home.



Modular bedroom wardrobe

1. Fit all you need in a bedroom

Some rooms can seem challenging when it comes to furnishing them with everything you’d like. This bedroom neatly accommodates extensive storage and a dressing table in a relatively modest space but still feels calm and clutter-free. Take a leaf out of this customer’s book by opting for a modular wardrobe (above) with the drawers, cupboards and hanging space that make your clothes, shoes and accessories easily accessible and which keep them in good condition. Choosing a pale paint finish like this for the furniture throughout the room will make it feel equally spacious and calming.


Upholstered cube seating

2. Boost seating

Upholstered cubes (above) can provide extra seating in a living area plus a hit of colour and pattern, as this customer proves. They can be added to a room without encroaching into circulation areas so they’re a space-efficient solution. You could also introduce one as a dressing table stool, selecting a fabric that complements the remainder of the room scheme. As an alternative, consider our drum stools (see no.8, below) to provide the extra seats you’re after.


Modular storage

3. Organise a hallway

Keeping everything to hand without ending up with a lot of clutter isn’t always easy. In this home, smart modular storage (above) keeps things tidy and efficient. There’s plenty of hidden stash space in cupboards and drawers, while coats are easy to grab from the hooks plus there’s a place to perch on the upholstered seat pad, too. Designing your own custom storage combination? Repeat the look of this design by opting for our sophisticated inky blue paint finish.


Modular kitchen storage

4. Maximise kitchen style and storage

You don’t need to start from scratch to supplement storage space in a kitchen. In this customer’s home, modular larder units (seen on the left, above) complement the base units opposite with Shaker-style panelling. There was room for a long and tall run of storage in this room, but because you can pick exactly what you need from our range of possibilities, stash space to suit even a tiny kitchen is achievable. We love the way this kitchen blends painted finishes like the modular units and other kitchen cabinetry with timber to create a room that feels entirely individual and welcoming.


Television storage

5. Work with the TV

Our television units provide a wonderful solution to the challenge of finding a home for the black screen and extras that go with it because they’re as elegant as the rest of your furniture choices. This customer has made the most of our New Hampshire triple TV unit with decorative accessories the focus of attention when TV viewing isn’t on the agenda. We have plenty of other options available for TV and digital boxes, including media cabinets in which you can conceal the screen when you’re not watching.


Modular home office desk

6. Get a bespoke home office

This homeowner has incorporated desk and storage space – plus a television – in a space-efficient combination. Our modular corner desk can be configured with different pedestals supporting the desktop to provide the filing or cupboard, shelving or drawer areas that are needed, and along with our wall storage units lets you design a bespoke home office layout without a bespoke price tag. Don’t worry if you can’t dedicate a whole room, or the corner of another space, as a work area. We have desks that are handsome pieces of furniture in their own right that’ll enhance living spaces, hallways, kitchens and bedrooms.


Modular wall storage

7. Go from floor to ceiling

Wall storage units are an extremely effective way to fit more into a room – they are capacious, but they won’t make the space feel cluttered. This customer opted for an inky blue finish for a wall of modular storage (above) that’s arranged just as required. Of course, we have plenty of other beautiful paint shades to choose from, including pale versions that’ll put the focus on the contents of the shelves and cubbyholes, if you prefer.


Upholstered stools

8. Add an accent

These drum stools (above) have been upholstered in a range of fantastic fabrics. It’s a great way to introduce bold and beautiful designs that might be too much used over a larger piece of furniture, but are a brilliant exclamation point for a room scheme used in a small dose like this. You needn’t follow this customer’s lead by opting for confident motifs and colourways – delicate pattern in quieter shades or a single plain colour might be your preference. Remember, we have a huge range of fabrics to choose from, or you can send us your own favourite to use.

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