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4 beautiful colour combinations to try – and what they’ll do for your rooms

Posted: 08/03/18 4 beautiful colour combinations to try – and what they’ll do for your rooms

Ready to decorate your home? We’ve put together some of our favourite palettes to inspire you. We’ll explain how to make the combinations work in your rooms, and the look and atmosphere they’ll create. And don’t fret about ending up with an identikit scheme. These recipes still allow you to get an individual style.

pink and green decorating scheme

Blossom and leaf

This spring-like colour combination is perfect for rooms that are feeling a bit flat. Don’t be concerned about the seasonal inspiration for the pairing – these colours will look good year round.

Where to use this palette Think living spaces that need a subtle injection of energy, or try it to brighten a bedroom without losing the restful atmosphere.

How to get the look The shades should be pretty rather than bold, so opt for pastel versions of pink and green. You can stick to using small doses of the colours around your room as we’ve done on our Victorian armchair and round retro footstool and for cushions  (above), or use them more extensively for walls or larger pieces of upholstered furniture. The trick is to pick either blossom or leaf as the lead shade of the two, then add in smaller amounts of the second colour. Generous areas of white or a pale neutral tone will keep the effect fresh.


blue and white colour scheme

Sea blue and foam white

It’s a classic pairing that can evoke a full-on coastal feel or, with the seaside references at a minimum, simply make a room feel bright and breezy.

Where to use this palette All round your home! From bedroom to bathroom, kitchen to living spaces, blue and white colour schemes never look out of place.

How to get the look The version of blue and white we’ve used in this living room keeps the emphasis on white, with blue used as an accent in the pattern on the lampshade, the decorative bowl, and the upholstery of the Louis armchair (above). Against a dark wall, this balance keeps the room light-filled, but if your walls are light, it’s easy to up the blue elements of the room – especially by using it in pattern for a rug or blinds. Blue and white stripes always look smart and have the right nautical feel. And if pure white feels too pristine for soft furnishings, an ever-so-slightly sandy shade, as we’ve used, works equally well.


sky blue and charcoal colour scheme

Sky blue and charcoal

When smart and welcoming is what you want from your room, this pairing is a winner. It makes for a sophisticated scheme that’s easy to dress up further when you have visitors.

Where to use this palette We like it for dining rooms, or to spruce up a living room that’s the backdrop to lots of entertaining.

How to get the look Sky blue and charcoal are warm in appearance – and that’s important. Cool shades of blue and grey would transmit this to the room’s atmosphere. We chose charcoal for the walls in this dining room (above). Going for a dark neutral like this creates a cocooning backdrop that looks great in artificial and candle light, too. Upholstered dining chairs add toning blocks of sky blue, so the effect’s harmonious, and we continued this with a tablecloth in a lighter toning shade.


shell pink and French grey colour scheme

French grey, charcoal and shell pink

For a look that’s full of charm but grown-up to boot, how about layering greys then contrasting with the most refined of pinks?

Where to use this palette They’re the ideal colours for a soothing bedroom scheme that has plenty of decorative interest at the same time, and they’d work in a living room as well.

How to get the look French grey is the softest of shades and perfect for painted furniture like this Louis seat and Swedish bedside table (above), giving the pieces timeless style. We contrasted this with a darker shade on the upholstered serpentine-shaped headboard and made it even more of a focal point with a bird motif on the charcoal grey ground. Charcoal gives the room a modern twist, but one that’s easy to live with. A bespoke throw in shell pink dresses up the bed – pile up plain and patterned cushions in the same hue to up the room’s comfort and luxe.


individual style

Make it your own

So how do you make these colour combinations individual to your home rather than off-the-peg room schemes? At The Dormy House with our ‘Make it your own’ options, you can select the paint colours you love for furniture, pick fabrics for upholstery and soft furnishings from our huge collection, and then add the finishing touches – knobs and handles, buttons and trims – you love. That way, you can use our recipes for colour combining but make the look totally yours.

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