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7 ways to make your home feel bigger

Posted: 11/05/18 7 ways to make your home feel bigger

Home smaller than you’d really like but don’t want the hassle or have the budget to extend or convert? You’re in the right place. These ideas will make much more of what you already have. Take a look…

Modular storage

1. Fit in a boot room when you don’t live in a country house

You might hanker after a stately pile that includes a room set aside for wellies, coats, the winter’s scarves and gloves, and the dog’s lead while accepting that the modest proportions of your own bricks and mortar don’t allow for such a desirable space. Whether you live in town or country, though, the sort of storage a boot room offers is a boon. Our solution is an arrangement of units that could fit into the existing hallway instead, transforming it into a far more useful space. This boot room storage (above) comes in the combination shown, but if that doesn’t fit your home, our modular units can be put together to suit your hallway and the family’s boot and shoe collection. Add a peg rail with shelf and you’re all set.


Freestanding laundry cupboard

2. Give laundry a home if the airing cupboard’s a thing of the past

Got a combi boiler that heats water instantly? Or a super-sized cylinder that makes plenty of hot water but doesn’t leave much room for shelving? In either case, the space for linens and blankets that the old airing cupboard used to provide might make you a little nostalgic, not to mention short on organised storage. Add in a laundry cupboard (above) and you can replace what you lost, plus avoid stealing wardrobe space in bedrooms – which will help keep them clutter-free. What’s more, our design will hide in plain sight if you want it to – simply choose a paint finish that blends subtly with the wall colour.


upholstered window seat

3. Fit storage and seating in unused space

Making a home feel bigger is sometimes a matter of transforming ‘dead’ space. Where might you have dead space? Under the window is a prime spot in many homes. We’ve slotted our window bench (above) into this one, introducing extra seating plus storage in one multi-tasking package. Other places to carve out more useful storage include the walls around and above doorways, which can be fitted with shelving without impinging on the circulation areas, and the space under the stairs, where taking out a cupboard that’s become a clutter magnet and fitting it out with stylish modular storage that uses every centimetre beneath the staircase can boost home organisation.


Home office in a cupboard

4. Create a home office without sacrificing a bedroom

Like the idea of grabbing a bedroom so you can work from home/shop/pay the bills in peace, but they’re all fully occupied for the next few years? You don’t have to have the luxury of a separate room to set up a home office that has room for screen time and a place to put the paperwork. Our home office armoire (above) packs an entire work space into its elegant outline and, just like a separate room, you can shut the doors at the end of the day. It’s a natural in the living room, but looks equally good in a kitchen-diner, hall, or in a bedroom, so you can double up room functions without feeling that work has colonised the house.


Single bed and under bed

5. Make sleepover space in a trice

Floor space is a rare commodity in kids’ rooms, so you don’t want to fill it with occasional beds for friends. Instead, go for an under bed (above) ready for sleepovers that’s out of the way the rest of the time.  It fits under our sleigh bed, and the pair have a painted finish. Choose a light-reflecting pale paint from our range of colours and you’ll make the room look brighter and – it follows – larger, too.


Small sideboard

6. Slide in a sideboard and save the to and fro

Crossing each other’s paths too much can make any family home feel restricted in size. The solution? Cut down on the backwards and forwards by keeping items near to where they’re required. In the dining area, for example, a classic sideboard comes into its own with tableware and linens available beside the table. Of course, you might not need or want a large piece of furniture and, in that case, we’d like to introduce you to our French cupboard (above). It’s as petite and chic as the name suggests but has plenty of space inside for dining essentials. Try it and you can save your step count for more enjoyable walks than the trek to the kitchen.


Modular living room shelving

7. Exchange multiple pieces for a tall storage wall

Creating the extra floor area that will make a living space feel bigger needn’t demand sacrifice – after all, who can afford to give up precious storage and display space? Instead, go wide and go up with modular wall storage that will ensure the room feels uncluttered and therefore – result! – bigger. Our shelves, cupboards and cubbyholes can be put together in a combination that’s perfect for your room and your stuff, allowing you to go bespoke without the accompanying price tag.

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