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Easy ways to cosy up your rooms

Posted: 02/11/18 Easy ways to cosy up your rooms

Make your home a haven from the cold, the rain and the dark evenings. Adding cosy touches to your rooms definitely isn’t hard work, so try these ideas for spaces that’ll make staying in, curling up and chilling out a pleasure.


Cosy neutral wool throws

Introduce warming texture

How the materials in your home feel, as well as look, is key to a cosy home: think soft, strokable fabrics, chunky knits and felted finishes. In the bedroom, layer up the bed with tactile additions like this lambswool cable throw (above) to make it extra inviting and your night-time temperature easy to adjust. Add throws to the sofa and armchairs, too, ready to grab when you’re settling down with a boxset.


warm gold colour storage cube

Play with metallics

Metals can bring a cool note to room schemes – think stainless steel and chrome – or heat it up. Gold, brass and copper, for example, all have a warm glint. How to bring them into your schemes? You could show off copper pans in a kitchen-diner; opt for lights in a warm metallic finish; choose brass and copper when you’re specifying knobs and handles for your furniture; or use metallic shades as your inspiration when you’re selecting upholstery.  Whichever route you take, you don’t need a huge quantity of metallics in a scheme to benefit from their presence. Just an accent – like the upholstered storage cube (above) in this room – will give it a glowing highlight.


Fabrics in warm and cosy colours

Work with colour

If one of your rooms has a chilly feel that makes it a place you avoid spending time in during the winter, take a look at the colours you’ve used in there. Like metals, colours can be divided into warm and cool versions, and if your room isn’t welcoming, maybe it’s because it misses out 0n the hotter hues. Bringing in warm shades needn’t prove a colour-combining puzzle, though. To see how they can be put together, check out our fabric selections, which are presented in colour families – this is our red fabric collection (above) – so there’s no guess work involved.


Shoe storage

Bring in wood

Here’s an alternative way to up the cosiness of rooms if the bold colour route isn’t your mug of hot chocolate. Wood details throughout a room scheme introduce a subtle, natural warmth that’s hard to beat. Try piling up logs (even if you don’t have a fire to put them on) or adding in decorative accessories in unrefined wood finishes. If you’re shopping with us for new furniture, you could also choose to combine a painted finish with a timber top. We can use one of these on our solo desk, metal and oak side table and the round metal and oak side table, and – on request – any piece of furniture.


Window dressing with trim

Keep out the cold

Your rooms definitely aren’t going to feel cosy if the windows are letting in cold draughts. To keep the chill out and the warmth in say goodbye to Venetian blinds or thin rollers, and bid farewell to light curtains. Instead, choose a window dressing in a heavier fabric made up into either curtains or a Roman blind (above) and get your treatment both lined and interlined for maximum insulation. If the window’s above a radiator, remember that covering it with curtains won’t allow the panel to function effectively. Either keep curtains sill length in this situation, or swap to an elegant Roman blind instead.


Occasional chair in warm coloured geometric fabric

Create a cocooning scheme

Love the idea of a snug? If you’re prepared to get out a paint brush (or know someone who will), you can turn a living space into a room worthy of the name. Choose a deep colour like this gorgeous blue, or rich forest green, or an on-trend charcoal. Any of these shades will make the walls advance visually, creating the intimacy you’re after. We added our Henley lounge chair (above) to our cocooning room, upholstering it in a warm geometric fabric that pops against the dark wall.


Cushions and bolster cushions

Pile up comfort

Cosy has a personal meaning for all of us and, if your definition is all about comfort, it’s time to boost it. Layer cushions and a hand made bolster cushion (above) on the bed, and scatter them generously over sofas, too. Treat yourself to a luxurious upholstered footstool for the living room so you can stretch your legs out in front of the fire – or the TV. And if your flooring is less than welcoming, lay rugs in seating areas and beside the bed to give your feet something to sink into in the morning.

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