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Timeless tile styles for your kitchen and bathroom

Posted: 11/02/19 Timeless tile styles for your kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are the hardest-working spaces in every home. The interior choices you make for these rooms need to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use – and stay on trend for years to come. Guest blogger Suhayl Laher of Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers, shares his expert advice on choosing tiles that are good looking and practical.

Let’s talk about aesthetics 

So, first things first – let’s talk about aesthetics. When you think of classic kitchen and bathroom interior styles, more often than not, tiles are the first material to spring to mind. Why? One of many reasons is that the iconic tile style simply never goes out of fashion.

Gloss finish ceramic tiles (such as those pictured above) can be cut into smaller, rectangular shapes and wall-mounted to create a decorative, rippled brick effect. This classic feature remains timeless thanks to its incredible versatility, working with design themes galore.

Kitchen shelving

For example, complementing these tiles with a decorative wall shelf (shown above) can create a cosy, homely kitchen interior – while the addition of a set of upholstered bar stools (shown below) could project a more contemporary, urban feel.

Upholstered bar stool

In the bathroom, glossy ceramic tiles (such as those pictured below) can be used creatively for a unique yet versatile design inspired by Moroccan patterns. Contrasting the angles of the tiles will add drama to a featureless interior – without having to sacrifice tones such as cream and beige, if you’d like the look to remain neutral and timeless.

Mirrored bathroom cabinet

This way, you can let your walls do all the talking – with next to no decorative items needed to round off the overall look. The simple addition of a bathroom mirror and cupboard combo (shown above) will be enough to add the finishing touch to this eternally elegant bathroom design.

Don’t forget about function

While you’re creating an on-trend look, remember that function must be factored into your design – and there’s nowhere this is more of a deal-breaker than in the kitchen and bathroom.

Typically, the kitchen and bathroom are the splash zones of the home. Areas that are in contact with water – whether that’s the shower or the area behind the kitchen sink – need protection. However, by choosing durable tiles for these areas, demanding maintenance becomes a thing of the past. The water-resistant qualities of tiles, such as those in the glass splashback pictured below, mean you won’t have to worry about marks or stains – and costly re-decorating.

And there’s more: cleaned effectively with a simple wipe down, wall tiles will dramatically reduce the time spent on the big house clean – meaning you’ll have your feet up with a glass of red in hand much sooner than you think.

When it comes to enduring elegance in your home interior, nothing does the job quite like tiles. Timelessly stylish and reliably durable, using tiles throughout your kitchen and bathroom is a long-term investment you definitely won’t regret.

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