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Discover the secrets of creating fabulous room schemes

Posted: 05/04/19 Discover the secrets of creating fabulous room schemes

Putting together a mood board first ensures your room schemes will be right first time. In the workshop ‘Mood boards for interior design’ here at The Dormy House interior designer for Creative Interiors Anna Thomas (below) and textile designer Claire Gaudion taught participants how to make their own. Want to get in the know? Anna’s here to take you behind the scenes.


Anna Thomas at The Dormy House

‘The workshop has given me a whole new outlook,’ said one of the participants at our first-ever masterclass at The Dormy House. ‘I haven’t got a clue about colour,’ said another. But, as we discovered, she knew what she liked. With a library of fabric and paint swatches to choose from plus the inspiring environment of The Dormy House showroom, the resulting interior scheme was the answer to her design dilemma.

Benefits of making a mood board

Mood board workshop

Choosing colours for decorating and furnishing can be daunting, but it needn’t be. With a step-by-step approach, it is possible to design a room with confidence. The workshop participants came from a variety of backgrounds including accountancy, law, business and medicine and they relished the opportunity to spend time being creative. Everyone was looking for clarity for their projects.

Make a mood board

Making a mood board is an ideal way of bringing ideas together. It’s an opportunity to test colours and to learn about combining them – as well as textures and patterns – while creating the right look and feel. There may be all sorts of ideas running around in your head that only really come together when translated on to a mood board.

Mood board

Learn how to combine colour, texture and pattern

We learn best when we’re doing, so we wasted no time in getting those present started. Being hands on producing the mood board which went home with every participant meant they took in more of how to achieve the results that work first time every time. A mood board is a reference tool that gives structure to implementing the design and acts as a visual aid to show ideas to the rest of the family.

Make a mood board

With all the resources of The Dormy House showroom on hand, the attendees also looked at customised modular furniture to fit their room schemes and saw first hand the variety of upholstery and occasional furniture available at The Dormy House – as well as getting interior design know-how.

Get interior savvy at a workshop

A workshop day is structured, but with a fluidity that allows for all sorts of projects, personalities and outcomes. It’s a day for learning but also for creativity and fun, and a chance to step away from the everyday and focus on achieving a space that fills you with pleasure. This was a sentiment echoed by all those who took part.

Mood board

‘The Dormy House was a wonderfully inspiring atmosphere in which to explore the nuances of colour and texture,’ said textile designer Claire Gaudion of the day.  ‘I really enjoyed discussing the possibilities of how to bring colour into homes in a balanced and effective way to suit the diverse range of individual projects that the attendees were working on. As the day progressed, people became so much more confident in how to achieve the look and feel they wanted in their homes.’

Mood board

Our whole ethos at Creative Interiors is helping our clients turn houses into homes. Workshops are a great way of sharing some of our design expertise and we are thrilled that everyone left with a scheme they loved.

Find out more about interior design services offered by Creative Interiors and make an appointment with Anna Thomas via email, or on 07957 519923.

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