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15 creative solutions for home work and study spaces

Posted: 07/05/19 15 creative solutions for home work and study spaces

It is possible to have a home office or kid’s study area that complements the rest of the room’s decor as well as providing practical, comfortable work space. These 15 strategies will give all the family what they need whatever the size of your rooms. 

Design a custom solution (without breaking the bank)

Bespoke-style desk

A bespoke storage desk needn’t be out of your bank account’s league. Modular units – like this corner desk system – allow you to combine the elements that fit the space in which the desk is to be located and include the right shelf and cupboard configuration, too.

Make work space for two and share nicelyHome office for two people

Put a stop to arguments about encroaching on the other person’s desk top. A set-up like this with storage as a divider means two can use the space without trouble. In fact, you can combine this New Hampshire modular furniture just how you want it.

Keep paper in order without primary-coloured plastics

Desk top tray in painted finish

You know the ones we’re talking about – and they won’t complement the rest of the room’s decor. This painted paper tray, on the other hand, can be finished in a colour from our range of sophisticated shades – or you could paint it yourself.

Fit a desk into space you didn’t know you had

Compact home desk

When a home work area seems impossible, try this neat Tuvan table. It’ll slip into a corner or nook in a living room, hallway, bedroom, landing, kitchen-diner… and there’s even stash space in the drawer.

Stop your printer cluttering up your desk top

Home printer table

Thought you had your home office set up just right until you ended up with the printer taking up half the desk? This printer table is the solution. It’s all you need and no more so it won’t hog floor area, and you can keep a supply of paper in it, too.

Fit a whole home office in a really modest footprint

Hideaway desk

Open the doors of this home office armoire and find everything you need for study or home working. Shut the doors and it’s an elegant piece of furniture you’d be happy to have in a living space or bedroom. As you’d expect from The Dormy House, you can select the colour of your office in a cupboard, too.

File with style however much paperwork you possess

Home office document storage

Paperless office? Us neither. In which case you’ll need somewhere to put away all the documents you have to keep. This New Hampshire 10 drawer chest is just one of the options we offer so your room stays tidy, organised and smart – check out the full range of filing cabinets and ottomans

Get a desk chair that doesn’t look like you wheeled it home from the office

Upholstered to suit office chair

The best we can say about many office chairs? They look OK in the office. When it comes to your home, however, it’s probably a rather different upholstery and look you’re after. This Empire office chair has a painted finish you can dictate and you can pick the fabric from our huge collection.

Choose a design that doesn’t look like a desk at all

Office desk or console table

A place to get out the laptop as and when, but equally lovely as console table or dressing table, this Nordic desk is a multi-tasking marvel. Clean lines make it look super sleek, to boot, making it a natural for modern interiors.

Make document storage a thing of beauty

Patterned document storage

Work or study materials can be immediately to hand on open shelving without compromising the calm of your interior. Opt for lever arch files or box files with a gorgeous patterned and coloured finish you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Choose materials that look right at home

Painted desk with oak top

The desk in your workplace probably isn’t made from materials that feel pleasing to touch. That doesn’t have to be the case at home, though. An oak topped desk will be pleasingly warm and tactile as well as characterful.

Stop the spread of clutter on a desk topDesk top drawers and cubbies

Pen, notebook and paperclip-spreaders, we have the answer. This desk gallery can be added to many of our desk designs and will give you storage scaled to stop the sprawl of small essentials.

Complement the lines of classic furniture

French style desk

Don’t compromise with a desk that’s a clash with the other pieces of furniture in the room. Check out the refined detail of this French desk, and the shapely curves of our Swedish table to complement classic schemes.

Select a noticeboard that’s chic (rather than serviceable)

Upholstered noticeboards

The way to get gorgeous display and reminder space? Select a fabric from our huge collection of plains, patterns and colours, or send us your own fabric and we’ll use that to make you a noticeboard or pinboard.

Fit a storage desk into a child’s room

Homework desk

It can be handy for kids to have storage and a work surface to make study organised. With space at a premium in their rooms, we think this is a nifty answer. The New Hampshire pedestal desk has tidying-away space as well as a work top, and you can add shelves above to get more out of a small area.

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