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How to choose the right bed

Posted: 03/06/19 How to choose the right bed

A bed needs to aid the good night’s sleep that’s essential to our health and well-being. As the centrepiece of a bedroom decorating scheme, it also needs to look good. Discover how to select the right bed for every room with our one-stop guide.

Upholstered divan bed

Which style of bed?

A divan bed consists of two elements: a base and a mattress. For both comfort and style, a headboard’s the best finishing touch to the base and mattress combination (see below).

Divan bases can be sprung or non-sprung versions. A base without springs as in our deluxe divan base with drawers will make the bed feel firmer overall; a sprung base feels softer. Bear in mind, though, that the mattress (see below) will also influence firmness, so always consider the overall combination to get the effect you prefer.

If you want extra comfort, opt for a fully sprung base like that in our divan base covered in your choice of fabric. After the ultimate in luxury? Go for the super-deluxe divan base. This has a full spring unit across the top of the base from edge to edge, providing maximum support to the edge of the mattress. Choosing this design means you’ll prolong the life of your mattress, making it a worthwhile investment.

A divan bed generally sits low to the floor, but if you prefer the look of a bedstead, go for a design such as our divan base on legs (shown above) or Hamilton base. As well as offering statement style, these designs are ideal for small bedrooms. Why? With the floor on show beneath the bed rather than hidden, the room will feel larger, so they’re a space-expanding option.

Retro-style bed

Upholstery for beds

The base of a divan has an upholstered finish that gives it an appealing look and makes it pleasing to the touch. Want to give your bed individual style? Choose a bed that can be covered in the fabric you select, including our divan base on legs, divan base covered in your choice of fabric, divan base with drawers in your choice of fabric, Hamilton base (shown above) and our brand-new ottoman divan (see below). You can select any fabric from our range to upholster your bed – or you can even send us your own fabric to use.

Plain fabrics can create a striking block of colour, or you can use a neutral shade to create boutique hotel style. Don’t count out patterned fabrics, either – they can make a real statement. Think about texture and the inherent qualities of the fabric, too. Velvet upholstery is luxurious and strokable, linen and linen mixes look classic and cool, wools are soft and smart… Need advice on choosing the best bed upholstery? Get in touch

Upholstered storage bedStorage bed

Beds with built-in storage

One of the big benefits of choosing a divan bed is that you can opt for a design that incorporates storage. It’s a great way to boost the stash space in your bedroom without having to fill up the floor with extra furniture. It also means you can store items such as bed linen just where they’re needed, or tuck out-of-season clothes away until they’re required once more, freeing up wardrobe space.

Choose from beds with drawers, like our deluxe divan base with drawers and super-deluxe divan base with drawers, or go for choose-your-own upholstery designs such as the divan base with drawers and divan base on legs.

Want maximum storage? Opt for our new ottoman divan (shown above). The whole of the base provides a place to stash pillows, duvets, linens and more and they’ll be completely concealed, keeping the lines of your bedroom beautiful. The storage is simple to access, though, thanks to the easy action pistons, which lift the mattress up when required. The bed can be upholstered in any fabric you choose from our extensive collection, and you can team it with a headboard in either a matching or complementary fabric.Pocket-sprung mattress

Which mattress?

It’s best to buy the mattress and a new divan bed at the same time – that way you can be sure they’re designed to work together. You’ll find a choice of two top mattresses at The Dormy House. They’re pocket-spring designs in which the springs work independently of one other so they’re responsive to each sleeper’s shape and size. They’re also made to last.

Our deluxe mattress with memory foam top offers supportive and durable pocket springs and has a top layer of memory foam that moulds to body shape for comfort.

Alternatively, go for the favourite of many customers: the super deluxe mattress (shown above) offers a super-comfy 1,400 pocket springs on the king-size version, and it’s hand-tufted in the traditional way to keep the upholstery layers in place, maintaining the uniformity and thus comfort of the mattress, and extending its life.

Upholstered divan bed

Which bed size to choose?

For comfort, go for the largest size of bed you can, bearing the proportions of your room in mind. Make sure you can get in and out comfortably, and allow space for bedside tables, and open wardrobes and chests of drawers.

Our beds come in a single 90 x 190cm size; double 135 x 190cm; king 150 x 200cm; and superking 180 x 200cm, so there’s a design for every room. Be aware that neither bed nor mattress sizes are standard in the UK even when they have the same name (for example, king size), but you can be sure our mattresses are made to fit our beds, so you’re comfortable and your investment lasts.

Hotel style headboard

Add a headboard

A headboard will complete a divan beautifully, adding a vertical element that draws the eye to the room’s centrepiece, and making sitting up in bed comfortable. Choose from rectangular or curvaceous designs and buttoned (shown above) and non-buttoned versions.

You can choose to match the upholstery of the divan with your choice of headboard fabric, or make it a focal point with a different finish.

Kid's bed

Choose children’s beds

A bed with raised sides is an ideal first when they’ve outgrown a cot. Take a look at our sleigh bed (shown above) which will help keep kids secure – and suit through to teen years. You can choose the paint finish you want from our selection and team the bed with either a sleepover under-bed that’s perfect for their friends staying the night, or storage crates (shown above) that create stow-away space that won’t intrude on floor area.

Alternatively, opt for the lasting style of our classic bed. Its tongue and groove head and footboard and a painted finish in one of our attractive paint shades mean it can complement every child’s room.

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