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How to pick the right dining table

Posted: 09/07/19 How to pick the right dining table

Share meals with family and friends over a dining table that fits your room’s dimensions and complements its style. Whether it’s for a kitchen, dedicated dining room, or open-plan layout, here’s how to shop for the best design for your home.

Dining table and bench seating

Which shape dining table is best?

Choose from rectangular or round dining tables. A rectangular table is a natural fit as the centrepiece of a rectangular room, and works well in a kitchen-diner or in an open-plan layout. When it comes to style, it can complement modern or more traditional room schemes.

Our oak kitchen table (shown above) is a classic rectangular design. With an oak top and painted legs, it’s suited to a country-style scheme, but it could equally introduce the warmth of natural wood to a contemporary room.

A round table can be a niftier fit for some room layouts. Consider this shape for a small kitchen as you won’t encounter any corners as you move around. A round table’s also a natural for a spot in a bay window.

Painted dining table and chairs

You might also favour a round table for family get-togethers and entertaining guests. It makes speaking across the table, as well as to either side, easy and everyone can reach the butter and the serving dishes in the centre. Choose a pedestal design like our pedestal dining table (shown above) and fitting in an extra diner when required is comfortable as no one ends up with a table leg in the way.

Oak dining table

What size dining table do I need for my room?

A dining table should ideally be 90cm from the wall – or other furniture if it’s between the wall and the table – and up to 120cm or so is comfortable. This will allow diners to get up from chairs easily.

Less room? A bench seat can be a brilliant space saver either on one side of the table or both. Choose from designs like our Tuvan long bench (shown below), which is an easy-clean option if you have a young family, or can be combined with an upholstered feather and foam pad to keep adults comfortable.

Dining table benches

If you prefer back support, check out our upholstered benches. The two seater upholstered bench (shown above) is sized for smaller tables at 97cm in length, while the three seater upholstered bench is 147cm long, so you can fit in extra diners without any hassle.

Round dining table

How many people can I seat round a dining table?

Each diner needs around 60cm of space, but you can accommodate more if necessary. If you want to create generous elbow room, on the other hand, go up to 80cm. Our oak kitchen table accommodates six with a length of either 160cm or 180cm. Need a different size? Just get in touch with your measurements for a quotation.

Our pedestal dining table (shown above) comes in a choice of 94cm, 107cm and 119cm diameters, so you can use it as a handy breakfast table, offer good space for four, or welcome six for a sociable dinner.

Pedestal dining table and chairs

I love elegant table linen. Which table should I choose?

We can make a beautiful tablecloth for our pedestal dining table (shown above) in any fabric of your choice from our extensive collection (or a fabric you supply), if you want to make your table settings more formal on occasion, or love the soft drape, colour or pattern of a tablecloth.

Or, why not take a look at our Instant breakfast and dining tables? With diameters from 107cm up to 183cm, or rectangular versions from 137cm to 220cm, there’s a size and shape for every room and the number of people you want to seat – and there’s even the opportunity to go for a custom size.

It’s the floor length tablecloth that makes the Instant table so elegant and with all our fabulous fabrics to choose from, you can opt for plain or patterned linen in the shade that complements the table’s setting.

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