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How to create a sumptuous traditional bedroom

Posted: 05/02/20 How to create a sumptuous traditional bedroom

traditional bedroom

A traditional bedroom is one that feels like a treat to retire to every night. We’re talking five-star hotel style with classic furniture, luxurious textures, colours that are relaxing and beautiful, and all the storage required to keep it calm and uncluttered (scattered shoes and bulging wardrobes would ruin the ambience, after all).

Living in an older home definitely isn’t a must to embrace this classic look. You can create it whether your home has period style, or is a newer build. Take a look at the ingredients for an elegant haven, and discover all our traditional bedroom designs.

A headboard that makes the bed the star

The bed’s the leading actor of the bedroom show and you can make it even more of a centrepiece with a headboard. It’s a comfort booster, too. Lean against an upholstered headboard and you’ll feel supported and relaxed. Our headboards come in a range of classic and contemporary shapes; there’s a choice of details like buttons, borders and studs; and you can select any of our fabrics as upholstery, or send us your own fabric to use.

An ottoman for style and storage

An upholstered ottoman is a classic feature your bedroom shouldn’t be without. It’s a brilliant way to add a complementary colour and texture to the scheme, and it’s a hard worker, too, giving you a place for sets of linen, out-of-season clothes, and a place to perch when you’re getting dressed.

A bed or mattress for restorative sleep

A luxurious bedroom scheme should also deliver when it comes to giving you a great night’s sleep. If your bed isn’t providing the support you need anymore, it could be time to swap to a new mattress, or mattress and divan or bed combination.

A valance to dress up a divan

Make sure your scheme has hotel credentials with a valance to complete a divan bed. Choice of fabric? Yours. Style of the valance? Up to you. Size? Bespoke, naturally. We make to order.

Bedside tables with lasting good looks

Tables that frame your centrepiece bed are a vital ingredient of an elegant bedroom. They’ll give you a place for a bedside light, what you’re reading, a surface for display, and can offer hideaway storage as well. Whether your room’s palatial, compact, or somewhere in between discover bedside tables to suit.

A chest of drawers for great clothes storage

Add in drawer storage in a painted finish that continues the colour palette you’ve selected for your room. Pick from our lovely shades, or even paint it yourself. Find chests of drawers to fit without overcrowding, or design your own storage with our modular ranges.

A bedroom chair to up the luxe

How to ensure your room lives up to the five-star billing? An upholstered chair is the answer – a luxury stay wouldn’t mean sitting on the bed. Grab some peace in a room of your own in a chair finished in a fabric you adore.

A dressing table that gets you set

Whether you’re preparing to face the day, or readying for a night out, what sumptuous bedroom would be without a dressing table with everything to hand and good looks besides?

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