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Tips on Decluttering… The Hall & Boot Room

Posted: 09/04/20 Tips on Decluttering… The Hall & Boot Room

It’s more important than ever to be comfortable and happy in your home. Surround yourself with a clean, organised space, instead of a cluttered environment, and focus on creating a space that is comfortable for everyone.

Being organised is key, especially when we’re spending the majority of our time indoors, and in many cases, sharing our homes with our families.

Decluttering and making space makes for a more comfortable home, and gives a much-needed energy boost for everyone.

Over the next couple of months, we’re going to be sharing our top tips to help you declutter each area of your home, today’s blog focuses on the hall and bootroom, to help you create an organised home with great feng shui and energy, utilising practical and stylish storage suitable for any home.

‘Create a place for everything and keep everything in its place’

This is the under-lying goal across the home, and we promise that if you stick by this mantra, it will make it easier to maintain your new clutter free lifestyle going forward, because you’ll know exactly where to put everything!

Have boxes, baskets and bin liners at the ready, labelled if necessary; rubbish, recycle, fix/mend, donate, keep. Decisions need to be made quickly; the longer you ponder the harder it will be to decide and you may end up keeping everything!

The Hall + Boot Room

This week we decided to focus on the hall because it’s usually the space that links all the rooms in your house. And if you can keep the hall tidy, you’re on the right path to an organised and happy home!

Firstly, being greeted by shoes, umbrellas, coats and other objects from day-to-day family life, when you first come in the door is neither welcoming nor calming, and spending time searching for what you (and the rest of the household) need for the day as you go out, is hugely frustrating.

An organised hallway means you can appreciate its decor, too, ensuring it’s as good looking as the rest of your home.

  • The best way to declutter a hallway is to do this often. If you have a table with a drawer, go through it and throw away anything you don’t need – think quick – the longer you ponder the more difficult the decisions become.
  • Often just narrow corridors, halls are easily blocked by shoes and clothes discarded on the way. Assess what you need to keep and where you’ll put them.
  • Make provision for family members who empty their pockets on to any flat surface by choosing a console table and allocating a drawer they can call their own.
  • A storage bench will keep shoes corralled and you can add a seat cushion so taking footwear on and off isn’t a balancing act. Think about whether you want a design with doors, shoes can look smart on show, but a closed design might look neater.
  • Wall-hung shelving can look pretty as well as maximising storage.
  • Hanging keys and bags on shelves or rails is a great way to tidy and keep essentials to hand.
  • If you don’t have space for a cupboard for coats fit a peg rail or rails so they don’t get dumped on a newel post or the nearest chair. Make provision for little ones too by fitting a second peg rail underneath the one for the grown-ups and they can get in the habit of hanging their own coats.

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Build the perfect configuration for your space and all your family’s needs.

Our boot room storage is created using our versatile New Hampshire modular units and can provide all-in-one storage. It’s easily combined with some of our other great storage solutions as well, though, to give you a customised furniture combination.

  • If you want hanging space for coats and bags, or the dog’s lead, think about adding in a Shaker-style peg rail, or try a peg rail with a shelf above, which will allow you to add in some decorative pieces as well as hanging items below.
  • You can go for shelf baskets, too, which will corral items like gloves and scarves.
  • Pretty up your seating with cushions in fabrics that coordinate with your seat pads.

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