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Tips on Decluttering… The Bedroom

Posted: 17/04/20 Tips on Decluttering… The Bedroom

It’s more important than ever to be comfortable and happy in your home. Surround yourself with a clean, organised space, instead of a cluttered environment, and focus on creating a space that is comfortable for everyone.

Being organised is key, especially when we’re spending the majority of our time indoors, and in many cases, sharing our homes with our families.

Decluttering and making space makes for a more comfortable home, and gives a much-needed energy boost for everyone.

Over the next couple of months, we’re going to be sharing our top tips to help you declutter each area of your home. Today’s blog focuses on the bedroom, and we hope it will help you create an organised and relaxing space.

‘Create a place for everything and keep everything in its place’

This is the under-lying goal across the home, and we promise that if you stick by this mantra, it will make it easier to maintain your new clutter free lifestyle going forward, because you’ll know exactly where to put everything!

Have boxes, baskets and bin liners at the ready, labelled if necessary; rubbish, recycle, fix/mend, donate, keep. Decisions need to be made quickly; the longer you ponder the harder it will be to decide and you may end up keeping everything!

The Bedroom

‘Make sure your bedroom is a place to escape to from the pressures of the day’

Striking the balance between sufficient storage and an overcrowded room is at its most a challenge for most of us when it comes to the bedroom. It isn’t going to have a calming ambience if it’s bursting at the seams, so including the right storage furniture is essential.

Our advice?

  • Don’t hang on to clothes that have done its day with you as a stuffed wardrobe does no favours to anything that’s hanging inside.
  • If the room’s small, our modular wardrobes are great space savers combining both cupboards and drawer space that’ll allow you to accommodate all of your clothes but it’s worth spending a bit of time thinking about how much you hang and how much you fold.
  • Choose a bed design with storage. You can free up cupboard space with storage in a divan with drawers or an ottoman divan that all provide hidden storage for linens and blankets or out of season clothes.
    Storage bed
  • An ottoman is a multi-tasking marvel for any bedroom, and it won’t take up much floor space. Use an upholstered ottoman as a seat at the end of the bed to store blankets and pillows.upholstered ottoman
  • As well as clothes storage, think about the other furniture you might like to include in your bedroom scheme. Bedside tables create a pleasing symmetry either side of a double bed, and a place for a table lamp. Choose a style that complements the rest of the room’s furniture and if you are short on space a chest of drawers can double up as one and provide storage, too.compact bedside table
  • Make-up is tough to keep tidy – all those individual containers rolling around can quickly create a cluttered feeling. Invest in a dressing table that offers plenty of storage for the things you want to hide away and leave the surface free for your pretty bottles and accessories. If you don’t have space for both a desk and a dressing table, this design will enable both tasks.painted furniture
  • Add a bookcase. Bedroom nooks are the perfect place for favourite books which you’ll always return to – even a small bedroom can accommodate one.Bookcase
  • Your bedroom should be the place you escape to.. Choose from our range of fabrics to upholster our headboards and cushions. Neutral fabrics and paint colours, like the room scheme pictured below, can help create a calm tranquil ambience in your bedroom.traditional bedroom

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