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Tips on Decluttering… The Kitchen & Dining Room

Posted: 24/04/20 Tips on Decluttering… The Kitchen & Dining Room

It’s more important than ever to be comfortable and happy in your home. Surround yourself with a clean, organised space, instead of a cluttered environment, and focus on creating a space that is comfortable for everyone.

Being organised is key, especially when we’re spending the majority of our time indoors, and in many cases, sharing our homes with our families.

Decluttering and making space makes for a more comfortable home, and gives a much-needed energy boost for everyone.

Continuing our series of tips, today’s blog focuses on the kitchen and dining room, and we hope it will help you create an organised and relaxing space.

‘Create a place for everything and keep everything in its place’

This is the under-lying goal across the home, and we promise that if you stick by this mantra, it will make it easier to maintain your new clutter free lifestyle going forward, because you’ll know exactly where to put everything!

Have boxes, baskets and bin liners at the ready, labelled if necessary; rubbish, recycle, fix/mend, donate, keep. Decisions need to be made quickly; the longer you ponder the harder it will be to decide and you may end up keeping everything!

Kitchen & Dining Room

Keeping your kitchen clutter-free can be the biggest challenge because so many different activities occur there—cooking, eating, and socialising! As a result, the kitchen has many different types of items stored in it…

  1. The first step is to completely empty each cupboard and drawer, assess each item, and put everything where it belongs. 
  2. Look, too at the surfaces and move as many items as possible off of the countertops and into storage spaces. Keep out only what you use every day.
  3. Think about how and where you store things. Are the items you use rarely the ones placed highest in the wall cupboards? Do you store the things you need to use the most within easy reach and with less bending involved? Where are your heaviest pots, pans and dishes? Do you need them all?

If your cupboards remain full after a clear-out, a free-standing larder could come to your aid adding a brand-new home for dry ingredients and more.

Our modular larder units, pictured below, allow you to maximise kitchen storage with a space perfect for dry ingredients, small appliances, tableware and linens. Our modular combinations mean you can choose exactly the right pieces that are right for your space and all you need to put away.

If you want to make everyday tableware easy to access, and keep special pieces safe a dresser is a good solution. Ours have modern lines and include a cupboard for behind-closed-doors storage and some come with shelves above for neat displays. The New Hampshire 4-Way dresser, pictured below, is one of our best-sellers.

We also offer a range of stylish tables, chairs and benches, in a variety of sizes and finishes, meaning they’ll look great and help you maximise your space.

Whether your dining room is an extension of your kitchen or sits separate, the main purpose of this room should be to socialise and entertain. A side board, as pictured below, or a wine cupboard could be a great addition to this space.

If you insist on a computer or TV in this space, or have literally nowhere else to put it, our home office armoire, pictured below, is ideal for storing office paraphernalia discreetly.

To view our full range of kitchen & dining furniture, click here.