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Tips on Decluttering… Your Home Office

Posted: 01/05/20 Tips on Decluttering… Your Home Office

It’s more important than ever to be comfortable and happy in your home. Surround yourself with a clean, organised space, instead of a cluttered environment, and focus on creating a space that is comfortable for everyone.

Being organised is key, especially when we’re spending the majority of our time indoors, and in many cases, sharing our homes with our families.

Decluttering and making space makes for a more comfortable home, and gives a much-needed energy boost for everyone.

Continuing our series of tips, today’s blog focuses on the kitchen and dining room, and we hope it will help you create an organised and relaxing space.

‘Create a place for everything and keep everything in its place’

This is the under-lying goal across the home, and we promise that if you stick by this mantra, it will make it easier to maintain your new clutter free lifestyle going forward, because you’ll know exactly where to put everything!

Have boxes, baskets and bin liners at the ready, labelled if necessary; rubbish, recycle, fix/mend, donate, keep. Decisions need to be made quickly; the longer you ponder the harder it will be to decide and you may end up keeping everything!

Create an organised and clutter-free work space

First, think about what you want from your workspace. Is what you have meeting your needs, or could it be improved?

  • Try creating different zones to make more efficient use of your space. For example, have a space for your computer, a library area for research and a different place for storing files and stationery.
  • Make sure you have easy access to documents and materials – knowing where everything is kept is an essential time saver.
  • Choose the right cupboards and shelving then divide essentials into those that you need to access quickly and those you don’t.

The aim is to create a work space that inspires you. Unless you love a minimalist effect, the items you keep on open shelving, combined with pretty accessories will help make a work area a pleasure to spend time in.

  • Whether you have a dedicated office space, or you’re using another room which doubles up as an office, an elegant desk is a must. Our modular desks allow you to maximise space in style, and the Empire Office Chair, pictured below, will offer you all the support you need, as well as helping you move around your work space with ease.


  • Make sure your filing system is up to scratch – sort out the papers you need to keep and throw away everything you don’t. If you have lots of paperwork to deal with, try a filing ottoman covered in a lovely fabric that can double up as extra seating, or one of our modular filing cabinets painted in an elegant shade. Not matching your storage needs? Our modular wall library, pictured below, is one of our best sellers, and we guarantee it will meet and surpass all your expectations.


  • If you do share your office space with another room in your house, you could choose an armoire to create a home office you can conceal behind closed doors at the end of each day.


  • Tidy smaller essentials into box files and lever arch files – ours are finished in wallpaper designs so they’ll look good on your shelves, too.

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