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Create breathing space

Posted: 27/07/20 Create breathing space

Making your home feel spacious is easier than you think, and the size of your room isn’t a restriction. With careful organisation and a focus on colour and lighting you could transform a space into one that you and your guests fall in love with.

Here are our three favourite tips to embrace your space:

Get organised

Have a home for everything. Keeping clutter to a minimum will maximise space however big or small the room is. Investing in some stylish multifunctional storage which is both practical and looks great, will help you give a home to every item you pick up – making the dreaded chore of tidying that little bit easier!

Natural light 

Bring the outside in. Opening your curtains will make a world of difference to any space, letting the natural light flood in. Craftily position a mirror in sunny spots to encourage the light to bounce from corner to corner, or if you can, hang a mirror opposite the window. It creates the illusion of a second window and can double the amount of light in the room.
A top Dormy tip – keep those windows clean! Research has shown that it’s one of the most neglected household chores (we must agree…) yet it’s the easiest way to let the bright, natural light in.









Colour palettes

When it comes to painting a room there is more to it than just choosing a colour that takes your fancy. Take some time to think about this and don’t dive straight in with a paintbrush. Using a uniformed neutral colour across walls, floor, ceiling and woodwork makes the ceiling recede and the walls fade away creating a much calmer, open space. Alternatively, dark colours create a perception of depth, concealing the fact the room may be small.