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A dressing table to remember

Posted: 25/08/20 A dressing table to remember

Q&A with Amanda Jackson-Sytner, make-up artist and Dormy House customer.









Could you tell us the story behind your Dormy House item?

 I had a kidney shape dressing table with 2 opening doors, cut outs for make-up and bits and bobs and shelves inside. My father bought it for me when I was about 10, he bought one for my mother too. I changed the mirror on mine about 20 years ago to an antique one, but my mother loved hers and hung loads of beads and things over it. Under the glass top she had lots of photos, like a collage. I kept a note from my husband under mine.

How long did you have your dressing table?

 I had to get rid of it 2 years ago when I moved house. My mother had hers until 4 years ago… she’s 94! We both had them for over 40 years, they never broke or were damaged in any way we each only changed the fabric covering twice.

Why does this item resonate with you?

I absolutely loved my dressing table, I was ahead of the field. None of my friends were gifted a present in the form of a piece of furniture. It was mine and always would be and I cherished that, especially as my adorable father died young and so it’s a special memory of my time with him.

What sparked your passion for make-up? Did the dressing table play a role in this?

I was always keen on packaging and loved boxes, especially make-up packaging for as long as I can remember, but the dressing table endorsed this. I could store components in such a way that I could see everything and could carefully organise the little things. I spent many happy hours cleaning and sorting. One thing lead to another and before long it was not only packaging I loved, but the make-up inside it! I soon found myself working as a make-up artist, training at 20 and still going now!

In my early days of location shoots, I decided that I needed a concept similar to my dressing table to keep my kit in an orderly fashion. I needed a Dormy House dressing table that I could carry around with me. I sourced a factory in Taiwan and designed the ultimate professional make-up bag for my industry. My bag was the pathway to all the see-through zip up bags you see today, from Gucci to Primark all running with the same idea of seeing all your things neatly displayed and sorted- finally catching up with the Dormy House’s ingenious innovation.

How would you describe your interior style?

I know live in a near empty contemporary house which my husband and I designed and built 2 years ago. We love it! We have very few possessions and masses of space with more space around it. I suppose it’s the modern way of living. Anything we have now is either because we need it, it serves a purpose or because we love it. If it doesn’t fit one of those categories… it’s out!

The design of our house has elements of the dressing table in it. Everywhere we have ‘hidden’ storage, window seats that lift up, the bases of cupboards with lift out hatches, and walls with cut outs for tucking things away. It’s an extension of the bag I designed and the concept of my much-loved dressing table still making its mark.

Bravo to whoever designed it. We are likeminded indeed!