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Welcoming Wild Sage

Posted: 24/09/21 Welcoming Wild Sage

Sow the story of your home in Wild Sage, our timeless new colour inspired by the landscape. The rich and sumptuous notes of our new and natural green hue are quite captivating – traditional yet contemporary, historic yet rejuvenating, and perfect for making a statement using nature’s palette.

Dating back to ancient times, sage has long been a symbol of fertility – we are rather charmed by the new life it breathes into a much-loved home. An enticing lick of paint romances your room and creates the perfect ambiance, and there’s no doubt that an enchanting evergreen shade soothes your home whilst bringing the outdoors in.

Sage Advice

The colour of nature is easy to live with. The slightly fuzzy, velveteen silvery-green leaves of Wild Sage combine perfectly with other natural finishes in your home – look to the outdoors for inspiration. Nature is not neutral and the continuum of colour that grows arounds us will offer you far more advice than a colour wheel – although The Dormy House crafters are always on hand to help you personalise and narrate the story of your home.

When Wild Sage and purple, blue-mauve shades meet, something rather special happens. Reminiscent of the flowers that grow on sage plants, choosing these colours for a warming accent simply makes sense and is extremely pleasing on the eye. 

For a lighter look, the marriage of Wild Sage and crisp white is one of wedded bliss. Together, they whisper a relaxing yet refreshing backdrop to your home and are the epitome of a timeless palette.

Whether an accent or a focal point, there’s always room for green in your home. Whilst we’ve done all we can to share the beauty of Wild Sage via a screen, its true charm is better seen in real life, which is why we offer a free paint sample service at The Dormy House. Adding a splash of real colour to your home is the best way to make the right choice for you. Equally, we welcome you to our showroom to witness Wild Sage in action.

Peruse our paint collection here and order a sample.