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12 reasons why a rug is a great addition to a room

Posted: 01/03/19 12 reasons why a rug is a great addition to a room

A rug can be a fabulous – and hard working – feature of a room scheme. We invited Claire Gaudion (below), creator of ready-made and custom handmade rugs with a focus on colour, texture and craftsmanship at her Hampshire studio, to explain the benefits.

Textile designer Claire Gaudion1. Rugs will add pattern and colour to your room

Rugs are a wonderful way to add colour and pattern to an interior scheme. This may be with busy patterns and bright colours, or with soft and subtle detailing. Whether your preference is for pops of colour dotted around the room, a multi-coloured maximalist design scheme, or a soft neutral palette, a rug will enhance the look. Claire Gaudion can customise the colours of any of its rugs to match a room scheme. Claire’s fascination with colour and texture and how these elements can enrich day-to-day experiences is at the heart of the rug collections.

2. Rugs offer warmth and insulation

Hard flooring has become a popular choice in interior decor. There are many incredible hard flooring products on the market today, creating great looks and easy-care floor solutions. But sometimes a room with hard flooring can feel unfinished and cold without a rug. A rug will add warmth, both visually and physically, not only improving the feel of the space, but also boosting insulation and helping to reduce energy bills.

Sofa and rug

Above: Fontenelle rug, L’Ancresse cushion, throw, all Claire Gaudion. Henley sofa, Regency footstool, both The Dormy House

3. Rugs offer comfort underfoot for immediate relaxation

There is something rather special about the tactile and sumptuous feeling of stepping on to the soft cut pile of a handmade rug. Textured materials such as rugs that directly connect us with the ground beneath add a sense of relaxation to interiors, softening and complementing hard lines and surfaces.

4. Rugs introduce textural contrasts and layering

Layering textures and introducing a range of contrasting materials and surfaces can add depth and interest to a room, as well as make it feel good. Flat weaves are particularly good for layering. There are many styles of rug weaves including tufted, knotted and flat weaves which vary in texture and appearance due to how they are made, as well as in price. All Claire Gaudion rugs are handmade, and their quality and craftsmanship is evident in the look and feel of each rug.


Above: Les Hoffetts rug, Grand Havre rug, both Claire Gaudion

5. Rugs make a room feel larger 

Colour can have a big impact on the feel and atmosphere of a space.  It can also affect our perception of architectural layout and scale. Lighter colours or cooler colours (blues and greens) tend to recede away from us and make spaces feel larger. On the contrary, a dark rug or bright warm colour (red or orange) can create the impression of a less spacious, or more cosy room, as the colours appear to advance towards us.

Rug, sofa

Above: Roque Noir rug, Claire Gaudion. Barcelona sofa, The Dormy House

6. Rugs can zone open-plan living areas

Many modern homes enjoy large open-plan living areas that serve as multi-functional family spaces. Large rooms can be effectively zoned with the use of rugs to create spaces within spaces that feel cosy and connected. Using rugs this way to define an area will retain the flow and functionality of open-plan living, creating rooms without walls.

Rug and occasional chair

Above: Jerbourg rug, Claire Gaudion. Henley occasional chair, The Dormy House

7. Rugs will unify a space 

A rug is a great way to seamlessly complete a space, unifying colours and patterns and grounding the room. Whether you have a stylish eclectic mix of mid-century furniture, or traditional sofa and chairs, a rug in your seating area with your furniture sitting on it will bring all the furniture together making the space and the people enjoying it feel more connected.

8. A statement rug can draw attention

A bold colourful or patterned rug can be a statement piece, creating a focal point in a room. Pairing this idea with the knowledge that colours can affect our perception of space, a statement rug may be used to draw the eye across the room to a window area, for example, or lead you through a hallway.

Rug and armchair

Above: Rhythmic Tides rug, Claire Gaudion

9. Wool rugs have air-purifying benefits

Many different yarns and fibres are used for rugs, and wool is a popular choice with numerous benefits. Wool has many natural characteristics that are well suited to interiors. One of the wonders of wool is its air-purifying properties. Wool has a crimped structure that traps indoor air pollutants and has been shown to help purify indoor air for 30 years.

10. Rugs can soundproof your room and eliminate echoes

Another of  wool’s natural benefits is that it has inherent acoustic properties. A house with wall-to-wall hard flooring can have a noticeable amount of echo as sounds are bounced off surfaces rather than being absorbed. So rugs are a good choice for living areas where TVs and music are playing, as well as in hallways to dampen loud footsteps as individuals move around the house.

Rug, chair and console table

Above: Grunnettes de Sablons rug, Claire Gaudion. Henley lounge chair, Tuvan console table, both The Dormy House

11. Rugs will decorate your walls

Rugs are no longer just for floors! Textiles are becoming increasingly popular additions to our homes in many forms, including as artworks for walls. Rugs as wall-hangings make stunning alternatives to prints and paintings.

12. Rugs are easy to install in rented homes and for seasonal design

Rugs have the ability to transform a space with very little effort. Just unroll the rug and arrange your furniture. And when you move house, your rug travels with you. As rugs are easy to install and easy to store, they’re also a great way to style your home for seasonal living.

‘A great way to embrace the Scandinavian concept of seasonal furnishings is to swap the rug in your room,’ advises interior designer Anna Thomas. ‘Wool tufted pile rugs are warm and cosy in winter; ring the changes in summer with a flat weave, which is much cooler underfoot. It’s also an opportunity to enjoy a variation on your colour scheme with soft neutrals in winter and colour pops for spring and summer.’

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Thanks to The Dormy House for the furniture featured with styling by interior designer Anna Thomas of Creative Interiors

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