Orange, yellow & spicy reds

Earthy and warm with a Mediterranean feel, welcome to the rich and vibrant hues of a naturally spicy palette. Inspiring walls or as a pop of colour, these shades enrich your home.


Bold, sensual and courageous – the right shade of red speaks the language of love to any home and is a classic colour choice for breathing life into spaces.

Pinks & purples

From subtle and feminine to daring and playful, make your home blush with a lick of pink or purple, bringing style, statement and sophistication in equal amounts.

Greys & blacks

Deep, dark and brooding monochromatic colours make a simple yet dramatic impact within your home. They make a classic colour palette for everlasting style and elegance.

Naturals, neutrals & browns

Calming, soothing and tranquil – create a serene scene throughout your home with timeless naturals, neutrals and browns. They're colours that last a lifetime. 

Blues & aqua

Breathe some blue hues into your home and create a cool, coastal feel that simply welcomes light to come crashing in and invigorate your living space.


The beauty of a botanical palette lies within the harmony it creates within your home. Let the colour of nature tell the story of your home and bring it to life.