Home Organising

Revel in a well-earned sigh of accomplishment when you’ve given everything you own its own home. Enjoy living and entertaining in a clutter-free, organised space you love.


With our captivating artistry, we design custom lighting that illuminates the road to your dream home and brings romance to every space.

Wall Hangings

Our exquisite collection of wall hangings, from mirrors to artwork create a harmonious blend of style and sophistication.


Discover Dormy House's tabletop treasures - where bespoke tablecloths, napkins, and charming crockery come together to weave tales of elegance and individuality into every dining experience.


Unveil the charm of Dormy House's decorative wonders, where whimsical jugs and delightful items create a tapestry of character and style for your living spaces.

Utility & Hardware

Where form meets function in a curated collection that seamlessly blends practicality with distinctive design, elevating your everyday spaces with style.