Your home is your sanctuary. A place to unwind, relax and spend time with friends and family when the day is done. Here at The Dormy House, we believe your home should tell your story and be a reflection of your unique style and personality, which is why our focus is making furniture specifically for you. Nothing is off the shelf and each piece of furniture is made from scratch and tailored to your preferences. Including your colour choice, your hardware, your upholstery fabric choice – every last detail is made for you. The Dormy House invites you to embrace the art of crafting a home that whispers tales of passion, authenticity and charm. 

Furniture with Captivating Colours

Every piece of painted furniture from The Dormy House is a gateway to a world where colours transcend mere aesthetics and weave tales of emotion and personality. From seeking inspiration from nature's palette to cheekier pastel tones, our colour range radiates opulence and character and invites you to be daring.

When curating your space, consider the impact you want it to have. Take our Modular Wall Storage and see how our Clear Sky Paint makes a dramatic statement, yet draws in the blue tones from the surrounding upholstery to create an effortlessly cohesive interior.

Your painted furniture can be as bold as you dare, or you can opt for softer more neutral-toned items. As you begin selecting your perfect pieces, imagine how you want your final space to not only look but how you want it to feel. 

Upholstery Dreams for all Interiors

When it comes to upholstery, bespoke unlocks a world of potential and endless possibilities. At The Dormy House, we understand that every home is a blank canvas waiting to be adorned with your personalised pieces. The symphony of style and comfort and the knowledge that each piece is hand-crafted, exclusively for you, make The Dormy House products truly unique. 

The Dormy House sofas and armchairs can bring your living room, reception room, bedroom or hallway to life. Cover them in exquisite and luxurious upholstery fabric with texture or patterns that reflect your personality and deliver you the experience of pure bespoke comfort. Our charming Ripley Spoonback Chair with Skirt offers the perfect level of drama with the gathered skirt, seducing you to sit down and relax.

Take an unusual yet magical pattern such as Bollin Bird or a bold and vibrant upholstery fabric such as Chubby Check to make a statement. Pull together colours within your fabrics or walls and painted furniture or even in your accessories to help create a seamless cohesion while also adding your own character. 

Beyond Trends: Creating Timeless Stories

In a world captivated by fleeting trends, The Dormy House stands as a pillar of timeless elegance. Each creation is a chapter in your and your home's narrative, and your products are born of a considered journey. Each element is hand-selected to create a curated space to stand the test of time. A bespoke upholstered chair becomes the stage for moments of heartfelt conversations, laughter and tears all entwined to create pivotal memories. A piece of painted furniture becomes the backdrop of your daily rituals, witnessing the dawn and dusk of each day.

Become the Interior Designer 

Creating a home full of character has never been so easy as with The Dormy House. Our expert team are always on hand to provide advice, answer your questions and help you to embrace the romance of crafting your own haven. Let your home resonate with the whispers of love and the magic of individual authenticity. Your abode is waiting to become a symphony of character and charm.

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