Your bedroom is your private haven, and now is the perfect time to give it a new lease of life. The Dormy House can help you enhance your room with custom headboards and timeless bedside tables, taking you on a journey of transformation.

Join us in creating a stylish and cosy refuge with bedroom furniture that embraces the new year. Make a statement in every corner and allow your bespoke furniture to elevate your room.  

Bespoke Headboards: Make a Statement

Your headboard is more than just a functional piece. Consider it a canvas for self-expression where you can select a fabric that resonates with your style, transforming your headboard into a personalised masterpiece. Here at The Dormy House, we offer a range of different headboard designs where you can also choose the perfect fabric that speaks to you. From chic linens to bold colours, patterns, and luxurious velvets, make a statement that reflects your unique taste.

The Dormy House Bespoke Headboard

Ottomans: Bespoke Comfort and Functionality

Ottomans serve not only as a visual delight but also serve as multifunctional statement piece. Whether they’re used for storage, extra seating, or a footrest, elevate your bedroom’s comfort and functionality with this bespoke addition. Don’t forget to select from our vast range of fabrics or send us your own to make your ottoman uniquely yours.

The Dormy House Ottoman

Sumptuous Beds and Comfy Mattresses: The Foundation of Tranquillity

Getting a good night’s sleep is non-negotiable. Choose a bed that will not only complement your style but will also ensure a restful night’s sleep. Our beds marry both style and substance. Paired with one of our indulgent mattresses, you can ensure you awake each morning rejuvenated and ready to face the day ahead.

The Dormy House Bespoke Beds

Accent Armchairs: A Cosy Nook for Reflection

Everyone deserves a cosy nook where you can sit and unwind with a good book or just simply bask in quiet contemplation. Why not introduce an accent armchair into your bedroom that adds flair to the room and provides a spot for comfortable escape. Choose your upholstery to fall in harmony with your perfectly curated sanctuary.

Accent armchair

Curate Your Haven

Refreshing your bedroom furniture for the year ahead can be an enchanting journey where The Dormy House plays the maestro of the symphony of refined romance for your home. From bespoke upholstered headboards that whisper tales of your personal style, to ottomans carefully curated to hold your possessions lovingly. Each piece from The Dormy House is a declaration of intimate luxury, ready to transfigure your bedroom into a sanctuary that not only warmly embraces the promise of the year ahead but expresses the essence of your personal taste. Elevate, infuse, and embrace the timeless beauty of carefully handcrafted, bespoke furniture from The Dormy House. For any other requests, please contact our team for more advice.

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