Styling a home from the heart of your homeland.

There’s something very unique about filling your home with handcrafted furniture that is made on your doorstep using materials sourced from British companies. You are able to follow the production process from conception to the comfort of your home – with a lot of TLC and personalisation sprinkled along the way. It feels exclusive, captivatingly familiar, and incredibly satisfying. It’s also evokes a sense of consciousness when it comes to sustainability.

From our family-run workshop, nestled in the charming English county of Hampshire, we make and manufacture everything by hand. Each piece is made to measure and crafted to the exact size and specification that you desire, including enchanting finishing touches. This enables us to create something rather special for you and your beautiful home – there’s not a nook that we shy away from. In fact, it’s those cheeky little corners and uninspiring spaces that we look forward to waving The Dormy House wand over the most!

We are all about choice and curating a home you’ll love forever. Nothing is picked and packed off our shelves; we make for our customers. And when we say, we make for you, we mean it. Each piece can be made using your preferred fabric, paint colour and handles or knobs. We invite you to our showroom to experience intricate craftmanship up close and personal, get ‘touchy feely’ with our gorgeous soft furnishings, and soak up the inspiration of the elegantly timeless furniture on display. Our passion is to make houses feel like home and, as a family, we’ve been fine-tuning this skill for over 40 years.

We strongly believe in the mighty small details and, over the years, have put together a truly comprehensive collection of customisation options: from exquisitely designed fabrics carefully sourced from leading British companies to decorative fineries such as knobs and handles. If you have a sentimental material or a fabric which you are simply enamoured with, you can even source your own and simply send it over to the workshop to be incorporated into your final masterpiece. We work with many interior designers and it’s this part of our personal service that they really enjoy too.

Whatever you visualise your dream home to be – the choice, as always with The Dormy House, is yours.

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