A bookcase can tell a thousand tales. Sparking our imagination, fuelling our daydreams, hosting books of all kinds, educating us throughout our lives, and transforming homes into a physical manifestation of interests and ideas.

From storing the books that you read to becoming a vessel for styling your favourite aesthetic or sentimental items, your bookcase tells your story. Bookcases also form one of the best storage options available for your home. Whether small or large, short, or tall, a bookcase can house a multitude of items.

Modular Bookcases for all Spaces 

When it comes to sharing your story, it’s personal and ultimately belongs to you, and your furniture is no different. At The Dormy House, you can completely customise your bookshelf so that all the nuances reflect your personality and fit seamlessly with your interior style.

Using our very own modular bookcase builder you can completely tailor your bookcase, bringing the magic to life. Modular storage is the perfect solution for hard-to-solve or specific storage requirements. Simply select the units you desire alongside your preferred paint finish and even handles and knobs and voila, you have your perfect piece of bespoke furniture.

Compact Bookcases

Our delightful Rochester small bookcase is ideal for cosy homes or smaller spaces, offering much-needed storage space without compromising on style.

If you value drawer space, then our Evesham double shelves unit is perfect. With family life in mind, this unit offers not only varying shelf space, but also hideaway drawer space to keep things out of reach or simply provide a place to pop those items you don’t always need. 

Bookcase Styling Tips

Styling your bookcase can sometimes feel like a mammoth task, however, simplifying the process can really help. Here are some items you can utilise to curate your perfect bookcase shelves:

  • Books
  • Framed photographs
  • Artwork
  • Sentimental knick-knacks
  • Plants/Greenery
  • Vase/decorative bowl

In the wise words of Marie Kondo, select the pieces that spark the most joy to create something truly unique and special to you. Make sure you experiment with height variations to keep your bookcase shelves looking interesting. Use variations in depth with some taller pieces at the back of your shelves, and smaller items at the forefront. Try combining horizontally and vertically placed books or stack them with a small vase or candle on top and keep experimenting until you discover your perfect arrangement.

Timeless Furniture

The Dormy House is all about choice. Creating considered furniture that will last a lifetime sits at the very centre of what we do. If you require any help with customising your furniture, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. From finishes to upholstery, handles and knobs to unique lighting and smart technology, we’re here to help.

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