Here at The Dormy House, we adore mixing colours, patterns and styles to create somewhere that really feels cosy and at home. When done correctly, you can achieve some really unique and enviable spaces that make a real statement.  

Where Do I Start?

The choice of so many colours and so many varying patterns can be overwhelming, but if there’s one key thing to remember, it’s that there really are no rules! Allow your inner style to seep out and trust your intuition and own personal preference. 


Step 1: Assess Your Needs 

When you step into a room, first think of the items you need. For example, in a living space, you’ll likely need a chair or a sofa, maybe a tv cabinet, some curtains and of course some soft furnishings to add that extra layer of comfort. These foundational elements provide the canvas for your vision and are an excellent place to start. 

Step 2: Begin with the Basics

To ensure the patterns and bold colours have the space they need to shine, give them a plain foundation to build upon. In this instance, you could start with a staple piece such as a TV or media cabinet. Our exquisite Bruton Media Cabinet is the perfect addition to a picture-perfect room from every single angle. Our captivating shades ‘clotted cream’ or ‘solid ground’ work perfectly for an item like this offering both functionality and a visually clean aesthetic.  

If you’re feeling inspired to take the design a step further, you can use our modular builder to create wall storage that can make a real impact. Featured here in our gorgeous colour ‘clear sky’, you can see how a statement colour for an item like this can really ground and centre a room.

Step 3: Choose Your Showstopper Fabric

Start with your main fabric, this will be the lead pattern that will form the main focal point in the room and will often be used to inspire colours and details for the rest of the space. Whether you choose to utilise this within your sofa, or your curtains, start off by selecting that pattern that captures your imagination.  

Step 4: Curate Combination Fabrics

Whether you opt for something plain but with some real depth such as velvet or if you choose another pattern like plaid or a floral pattern, take your swatches into your room and sit with them for a while to see if they give you that feeling of cohesion. Seek out complementary fabrics that enhance your chosen showstopper such as pairing a solid colour with a small-scale pattern or stripe. 

Step 5: Select Perfectly Personalised Pieces

Select your perfect pieces to match up with your fabrics. Here at The Dormy House, all our furniture and soft furnishings are bespoke, meaning you have autonomy over your furniture. Whether it’s painted furniture and you wish to select the colour, the hardware, or any additional extras – we can accommodate you. For upholstered items or soft furnishings, you can select the fabrics, and the trim and really make each piece individual to your style.


Our timeless and classic Ripley Sofa is the perfect canvas for a bold colour or print, combining ageless beauty with a creative stamp that can bring a living space to life.

When it comes to your windows, our Bespoke Curtains are the perfect must-have element. A truly tailored curtain brings a feeling of consideration and luxury to a room, especially when coupled with gorgeous fabric to bring your space to life.

If you choose to use a plain fabric over a pattern for your sofa or curtains, this is your perfect opportunity to go wild with your patterns. Rectangular Cushions make the ideal choice to add a pop of colour and you can change up your colour schemes as much as you like for significantly less. Choose your main fabric, your piping, or any pom poms and really allow that inner creative to come out to play. 

Embrace the endless possibilities at The Dormy House, where our expertise in painted furniture and upholstered furniture will elevate your interior design journey. Let your imagination run wild as you create a fabulous space that is uniquely yours.

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