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Build your own modular wall storage

Our versatile New Hampshire modular wall units allow you to build a storage system that's tailored exactly to your needs.

Make it your own

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Product details

Step by step guide to building your wall storage unit:

1. Measure the length of your desired wall storage and select the appropriate base units that closest matches your measurement.

The base units are 44cm deep.
Top units are 35cm deep.

Base tower unit: W: 39cm 
(35cm + 4cm for the plinth sides)

Base unit with or without doors: W: 74cm  (70cm + 4cm for the plinth sides)
Base unit single square with or without doors: W: 35cm + 4cm the plinth sides) 

Triple unit: W: 109cm made up of; 
1x single tower unit + 1x double base unit
or, 3x single tower units

4-way unit: W:144cm made up of;
2x single tower units + 1x double base unit or,
4x single tower units or,
2x double base units

5-way unit: W: 179cm made up of;
2x double base units + 1x single tower unit or

6-way unit: W: 214cm made up of;
3x double base units or,
6x single base towers or a combination of both.

Please note that the tower unit can only be positioned at the end of a configuration.

2. Select the appropriate top units to stack on top of the base units. 

Our sales team will call you once your order is placed to confirm how you want your units to be configured so that we will know how many and what size top pieces you will need.

3.  Choose your paint colour.
Made from tough MDF, the wall storage units can be painted in one of our stylish shades.

4. Choose your handles & knobs
Your units can look bespoke-designed with our choice of handles or knobs. As standard doors are fitted with wooden knobs painted the same as the furniture finish - or you can create your own look with alternative handles from our collection.

Size and other useful information

Base units: 

Single tower unit or single square base unit
W: 39cm  (35cm + 4cm for the plinth sides)
D: 42cm H: 231cm

Double base unit
W: 74cm  (70cm + 4cm for the plinth sides)
D: 42cm H: 55cm

Triple unit: W: 109cm D: 42cm H: 55cm
4-way unit: W: 144cm D: 42cm H: 55cm
5-way unit: W: 179cm
6-way unit: W: 214cm D: 42cm H: 55cm

Top units:
Single square top units: W: 35cm H: 35cm

Single top unit
W:70cm H:35cm (internal H: 31.5cm)

Single top unit with central divide
W:35cm H:70cm

Single top unit with adjustable shelf
W:35cm H:70cm

Single cupboard top unit (1 door)
W:35cm H:70cm (internal H: 31.5cm)

Single cupboard to unit (2 door)
W:70cm H:35cm (internal H: 31.5cm)

Double shelf top unit
W:70cm H:70cm (internal H: 31.5cm each section)

Delivery and product assembly

Assembly is a simple method of stacking the units on top of each other. The base units sit on the plinth and the top units sit on top.

Large configurations will be delivered with our 2 man team who will assemble the units for you. 

Once your order is placed someone from our sales team will contact you to confirm how you want your units to be configured so we can make sure to provide you with the right amount of tops that are fixed to the tops of the top units.

Delivery Information

Delivery on this product is from £70.00

This delivery charge is for a single item only, to UK mainland addresses. When ordering more than one item, you will only ever be charged delivery on your largest item.

Bespoke delivery for delivery

The delivery company will contact you to confirm a date and approximate time of delivery according to the timescales above.

Customer Service

If you need any help or assistance with placing your order, we are always here to help. Call us on 01264 365 808

Return within 14 days

Please ensure that all packaging is kept so that it is adequately protected on its return journey.

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