At The Dormy House, we love to keep an eye on upcoming trends and design elements. We’re firm believers in timeless pieces that are built to last, however, we can often take inspiration from these emerging trends to apply to our gorgeous handcrafted pieces. Step into 2024 in style with The Dormy House's bespoke furniture and revel in your gorgeous, tailor-made items.

  1. Social Seating

Social Seating is a trend set to emerge throughout 2024 to enhance that inviting feeling. Combined with the upcoming stripe trend, you can add a unique, colourful touch to your furniture. If bold colours aren’t your forte, try taking a more understated approach with some muted stripes to add more depth and character.

SofaStriped fabrics 

  1. Minimaluxe

The Minimaluxe trend is set to take the world by storm and is one that we are a firm favourite of. Characterised by soft lines, shapes, colours and a sense of dignified refinement, this trend transcends any fads and travels into the realm of timelessness. Adorning your spaces with a base of simplistic chic also allows for the addition of other elements such as a pop of colour from a bespoke cushion or a statement curtain. Our bespoke upholstery allows you to unify the romantic elements of the Minimaluxe trend to create something truly luxurious.

Evesham sofa

  1. Contemporary Curtain Trims 

Scalloped edges, quilted panels, tassels and handcrafted details elevate and make a statement of an often-overlooked element of interior design. Here at The Dormy House, we can make your dreams become reality. We can create any curtain design with any special finishes you may desire. Every home is unique and that means your specific measurements, curtain headings, and fabric choices will be too. No matter what you require, we can make it happen.

handmade bespoke curtains

  1. Hideaway Home Office

The hideaway home office is an element that won’t be going away any time soon. Our homes are often multifunctional spaces and as such, throughout the day, week or month one room can operate as a reception room, a home office or an entertainment space thus, the requirement for adaptable, bespoke furniture emerges. Our bestselling Bruton Home Office is the epitome of elegance and strikes the perfect balance of stylish practicality and alluring design when not in use.

bruton home office

  1. Wavy Lines

Furniture trends are looking to implement curves and wavy lines throughout 2024 and one of our favourite ways to incorporate a statement piece into your home is with a bespoke upholstered headboard. Our Regal Square Headboard and our Regal Rounded Headboard both offer the opportunity to get playful with the lines and shapes you incorporate in your bedroom. Combine with a statement fabric to really make this element stand out. Our bespoke furniture allows you to tailor each element to suit your own style.

regal rounded headboard

Made For You

Enter The Dormy House and experience a world of customised luxury, where each piece of furniture is meticulously handmade to order, guaranteeing a bespoke touch for every customer. At The Dormy House, we can embrace the ever-evolving trends that endure throughout time while still capturing the spirit of your own style thanks to our dedication to personalisation. In addition to giving careful consideration to personal tastes, our talented artisans can also skillfully incorporate the latest trends in design, guaranteeing that your furniture will always be a classic statement of style and sophistication. We think that custom workmanship ought to accommodate changing interior design trends in addition to individual preferences. From using high-quality materials to adding unique design elements and remaining on the cutting edge of interior design, you can make your dream home a reality. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our latest products and exclusive news.

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