As we leave 2020 behind, the sense of opportunity, change and hope that January brings is welcomed this year more than most. Whilst dreaming of brighter times ahead, small changes to our here and now can make a real difference – starting with your home office. From functional furniture to décor that simply makes you smile, spruce up your WFH routine with a workspace you love.


Just one more email…Switching-off can be a challenge when your office is in your home but closing the lid on the world of work after a long day is just what your mental health needs. Leave your work life behind the doors of our Bruton Home Office or conceal it in storage that fits your space for some much-needed balance in your day-to-day.


Treat your home office to an early spring clean and find a place for everything with storage that suits your space. A clean, crisp and uncluttered workspace will help to maintain your focus all day long whilst good filing solutions will keep on you on top of the paperwork too!


If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed whilst working from home, try adding the tranquillity of tones inspired by the great outdoors into your space. Surround yourself with subdued blues and gorgeous greens that encourage a connection to the natural world…and exhale.

Get inspired by our calming paints and fresh fabrics to see how you can bring the outside-in.


It’s easy to get caught up in the practicalities of home working and with the dreary expectations of corporate offices, we often overlook the importance of an inspirational place to think. Boost productivity and creativity throughout your day with plants, artwork or photographs that simply bring you joy. If you ever feel unmotivated, a quick glance around will be sure to brighten your day.

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