Make a home that invites you to rest and regenerate during the summer months with our home styling tips that create an enchanting space by bringing the outside in.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing a desire to create a natural calm at home and make it a magical place to retreat. Sumptuous and seductive furniture that summons you to relax and unwind is at the heart of a home, but we’ve got some extra touches that give your beautiful abode a summer glow.


Create a sense of calm by embracing the beauty of botanical hints around your home. Handsome house plants, with their gloriously green foliage, are quite literally a breath of fresh air as they naturally purify your space. They provide a tropical ambience during the summer months but keep us in touch with nature throughout winter. Get creative and dot them around the house on charming console tables then revel in the way they boost the mood of your home – and guests!


Transform the look and feel of a room by using inspiring lighting that brightens up your space. Conquering the art of illumination will open up your home and help you to build a beautiful sanctuary full of light. A combination approach of table lamps, ceiling lights & pendants, and wall & floor lamps is the key to success. By layering light from a variety of sources you can cast flattering, soft glimmers from all angles. Lamp shades are also something you can change seasonally to great effect.


Colours inspired by nature stand the test of time and create tranquil spaces. Soothing earth tones, cool coastal colours, or natural shades of green mean that no matter what lies beyond your front door, your home is deliciously serene – consistently. As a rule of thumb, keeping it bright will encourage light into the r

oom. You can extend this to your furniture pieces too – you can choose the paint finish on any of our products, and it will make an uplifting difference. You can order free samples to try out a colour first.


Flowy curtains that sway in the summer breeze, light drapes with a stunning translucent quality and fresh, luxurious fabrics that are layered to welcome relaxation and eases anxiety – the textural feel of your home is a great way to imitate the balmy long days of summer. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your fabric and it can be a fantastic way to introduce intricate patterns and summery motifs into your home.


The little extras around your home have the potential to make the biggest impact – they are also a great way to bring a sense of seasonality. Bowls of citrus fruit on side tables, kitchen counter tops and conservatory console tables make your home feel bright and summery. Floral patterns on cushions, drapes or even as a statement for your master bedroom headboard will enrich your home environment. Mood-boosting pops of colour will enable you to bring sunshine into your home. Finally, a magnificent mirror will reflect all the light you have let into your space and create a feeling of endless relaxation.

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