Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, the season of crunchy leaves, thick jumpers and cosy blankets. But, as the temperature drops and the clocks go back, you might find yourself looking for warm bedroom room ideas. Bethan John from The British Blanket Company explains how to create a cosy bedroom that can be your cocoon for the colder months ahead. 

Choose a warm colour palette

Warm colours contain pigments of red, yellow or orange. If you paint your walls with a warm colour palette, this has the effect of drawing in the space, making it feel more intimate, welcoming and inviting. If this is the mood you would like to create, you should select warmer colours as the starting point for your scheme.

Opt for upholstery

To make your room look warmer, avoid furniture with hard edges and choose upholstered bedroom furniture instead. A fabric-covered headboard is comfortable when sitting in bed to read and you can choose from a wide range of fabric colours and textures to suit your style. For a relaxed feel linen works perfectly or, if you’d like a more opulent look, choose velvet in a jewel-like shade.

Layer textiles and blankets

When creating a cosy bedroom, fabrics are your friend. Seek out soft bedlinen, deep rugs, heavy curtains and layer, layer, layer! Wool blankets will instantly make your bedroom look warmer and keep you cosy under the covers. Position an ottoman at the foot of your bed and fill it with a range of throws that can be layered together depending on the season. Wool or merino lambswool blankets are better for the bedroom than cotton or synthetics, as wool naturally helps to regulate your body temperature.

Select warm mood lighting

The right lighting choice is essential when planning how to make a bedroom cosy. A glaring overhead light will instantly ruin a snug ambience. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, consider doing away with a ceiling light altogether in favour of bedside lamps or wall lights. A stylish lamp on the bedside table will form pockets of light within the room, creating depth and highlighting textures. 

Style with natural touches

Natural accessories are the perfect finishing touch. Bring the outside in and fill a vase with autumn leaves and dried grasses for effortless style.

Chunky wool cushions and blankets ooze warmth and look great piled in a wicker basket. Candles scented with sandalwood and cinnamon will fill your senses with warming fragrance – just be sure to use a candle holder and place them away from fabrics.

The cosy wool blankets pictured in this blog post are from our friends at The British Blanket Company. Head over to their website to see more beautiful blankets and throws.

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