True joy can be found in ‘setting the scene’ at home. Those finishing touches – home accessories, lamps, lights, plants, treasured trinkets and more – are all part of making a lasting impression on both you, your family and gathered guests.

We’d love to shine a light on one of our artisanal English suppliers, who’s signature range has recently launched in our Showroom. Let us introduce you to Stockbridge Pottery, producers of beautiful ceramic pitchers, gorgeously glazed inside and out, making them a stunning yet classic choice as a vase, storage jar or eye-catching statement piece.

Designed in Stockbridge by creative founder Lauren Leigh and handcrafted and hand decorated in Britain, these fine pitchers were inspired by Lauren’s love of classic ceramics and her hometown. She’s a huge fan of traditional European pottery, and was also heavily influenced by her bachelor’s degree, where she studied Greek and Roman antiquities in the British Museum. She claims it was a ‘classic love affair’, which is exactly how we felt when we discovered her Hampshire pottery.

Stockbridge Pottery’s luxury pieces are classic in style with a contemporary twist, which will be cherished for years to come. As Lauren describes her work, “Traditional pottery made that bit more functional, a tad more contemporary and always eye-catching in colour and decoration. Each carefully crafted souvenir-piece carries our stamp of approval and makes a statement wherever it goes. We hope you’ll love our classic ceramics as much as we do and that you’ll want to take a piece of Stockbridge home.” We certainly agree that these attractive artisanal pieces create a pretty ‘pitcher’.

Our Hampshire Showroom is full of finishing touches that make a house a home. We’ve curated a fine collection of curiosities to charm your abode, and there’s no better way to get a feel for them, alongside our beautiful British bespoke furniture, than seeing them up close and personal. Home accessories, like our delightful Stockbridge Pottery pitchers, can be bought directly from the Showroom to take away from your visit whilst you wait for your customised furniture to be produced and delivered at a later date.

We always recommend a fluid approach to dressing your home and reinventing its identity. Yes, there are sometimes those little nooks or spaces that were simply ‘made for’ our beloved belongings, but some of our decorative pieces could bring a new dimension to many places within your home. That’s where the fun begins…

Our Showroom is open this Saturday 10am – 2pm with special Bank Holiday savings of up to 50% off accessories, or Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. You can find us at 27 Walworth Business Park, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5LH.

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