With the return of cooler days and longer evenings, celebrate the return of the cosy season of autumn. Think of rich colours, comfort, deep textures and patterns to create a welcoming ambience.

The leaves will soon start to turn a gorgeous golden brown and the temperatures will slowly drop, so what better time to start bringing some warmth and charm into your living space? Here at The Dormy House, we believe in creating your dream home with timeless pieces. From organising your boot room to finding the perfect cosy spot to nestle down, to adorning your gorgeous Dormy House bookcase with autumnal décor, we have everything you need to prepare for the change in season.


Creating Your Dream Boot Room

The boot room is the first line of defence against filth and clutter in your home, especially in the UK, therefore it's important to keep this space neat and tidy when the weather becomes cooler and wetter. Functional furniture such as a modular boot room is the perfect solution to creating an item bespoke to your space, configured the way you want it. Organising your utility or hallway to perfection with an array of components means you don’t have to compromise on keeping your space looking tidy and timeless. Pair with our bestselling paint ‘Smoked Shale’ or add a neutral earthy tone with our brand-new shade ‘Moss Green’ to create the ideal entrance to your home.  

Alternatively, if you’re stuck on space but need a simple, effective and stylish solution, look no further than our gorgeous Shaker Style Peg Rails. They provide much-needed space to hang coats, bags, hats and scarves; they can be delicately staggered to provide even more storage space too.

 Embrace Cosy and Comfortable Armchairs

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the crisp cooler evenings by sinking into a gorgeous plump armchair covered in a stunning fabric of your choice. At The Dormy House, we design bespoke armchairs that capture both style and comfort. Choose a style to complement your aesthetic and pair it with a timeless fabric. Go bold with a deep colour, or simply add some gorgeous cushions to add depth and a throw for that extra inviting look.


Selecting the Perfect Bookshelf

Choosing the right bookcase to optimise your space, both in terms of practical storage as well as to create an inviting space, can make such a huge difference. Consider the size and layout of your room and opt for something that can slot in nicely with the existing layout. Take inspiration from our Modular Wall Storage to utilise the full width of a room and create a unit to house all your essentials. Likewise, if you’re tight on space or have tricky walls to manoeuvre around, opt for a smaller bookcase that doesn’t compromise on beauty such as our Small Somersby Dresser. Utilising vertical space in a room is an excellent way to get the most out of your space without taking up too much floor space.

Dressing Your Space Ready for Autumn

Your room isn’t simply a space for practicality. It’s to be enjoyed. Your home is your sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax after the stresses of the day so make it somewhere that feels like an extension of your best self. 

Keep your space organised, hide away any unnecessary clutter and add touches of nature. Use your bookcase to display elements from the season, with autumn on the horizon opt for pinecones, rich coloured flowers; dried flowers in particular look incredible at this time of year and infuse your space with a seasonal touch. The Dormy House offers accessories, and soft furnishings to assist with transforming your space into a cosy and welcoming environment.

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